Why You Get Hot Roots And How To Prevent And Fix Them

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Why you get hot roots and how to prevent and fix them
Why you get hot roots and how to prevent and fix them
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Beth Ostrander: Hope long on hair before putting it on roots? I'm going a smidge lighter. I like the color not, but can never match the roots.

Susan Johnson: Please stop using the word "dye" and "bleach" use the correct professional words.

i love coyote peterson: I remember watching this video when i was first bleaching my hair. now i know how to do it correctly after having made several mistakes. I've learned that going up a few shades is a process , it takes time . I like to go up only a couple shades at a time , then dye my hair a color a level darker with a semi perm. color. it helps to avoid hot roots and is healthier for the hair in the long run. then about a couple weeks later i just bleach my hair again and avoid the roots so it evens out . :D

Rawasia Saeed: Pls help.. I had my hair dyed with permanent dye and now have lighter roots.. how can it be fixed?

Razan Alsharief: i have black hair and i used high lift on it and got much lighter roots than the rest of the hair
is it ok to reapply high lift again on my hair the next day?

Monica Alcantar: I got my hair professionally done 2 days ago in a red color. I washed it today and the roots are super bright red and the rest is faded orangy brown tones. I bought a
demi permanent color.

Can I apply the demi on top of a permanent even though I washed my hair today?

I need to fix it ASAP

Shawnna ; - ;: i tried dying my light brown hair red and my roots turned orange and the dye didnt take on my previsously dyed hair. so i got color remover which turned my roots blonde, so i got blonde hair dye not bleach and did the rest of my hair and its dirty blonde but not as light as the top, i want to do black with purple on the ends but im afraid the black will only take on my roots.

Kira Rose: What's with all the jittery movements?

LiveThroughHope: I recently permanently dyed my hair and my hot roots are crazy bright and long so half of my hair is super bright orange and the rest is toned down [the color I wanted ] How do I calm down the hot roots? They are practically neon it's terrifying .... I have no idea what to do... I was going copper over my once red hair that I color corrected and got rid of the red but holy cow orange neon roots :,[

Jordan Labreche: I had previously bleached my hair from a brown and blonde highlight to a white blonde then toned silver/light grey. I wanted to go to a gingery red and i knew my 2 month old brown roots needed to be lightened so i lightened my roots with bleach to be a lighter color- like the rest of my hair but when i put the ginger-y dye on the only thing that turned ginger was my roots. My previously silver hair is now an ashy blonde with 0 trace of red, was my mistake not stripping the silver out of my hair? what can i do to fix this? my hair was already so light, i thought bleaching it was not the answer!

manjin Esp: this is the ONLY video on demarcation I'm dying!!!

Chrissy Roll Tide: I need help! I have been using Wella Cinnamon Brown with a 20 developer. My roots always end up much more red than the rest of my hair. I honestly like the darker, less red color. How do I color my hair without the roots pulling more red???

Susan Garcia: Should I use a lower developer when dying my roots

the little coyote: There are plenty of lightners that you can use with heat safely. That clip of that mannequin head with its hair melted off was someone who stuck it under a dryer for a couple hours.

RamenThiefXD: I didnt bleach my hair but I used loreal hicolor highlights in magenta with 40 vol today and my roots are an ariel red but the red of the hair is a nice dark red. Should I dye my roots with a semi permanent dye to cover it up? Thanks

TheKickasskatie: hi! i was wondering what i should do if i have hot roots that won't seem to accept hair dye? I used filler in the dye and the rest looks great, but the roots are still lighter and don't seem to want to take the dye :/ any ides? thanks in advance

Epik Blue: hello salonfree, it has been a long time since i've posted a question but i'm back again.

My situation : I pre-lightened my hair twice to a very pale yellow and dyed it blue. It looked amazing,until my roots grew in. When they grew in I pre-lightened them only once to a yellow/gold color (i wanted to see if i could avoid any extra damage) . Now my hair is half greenish (at the roots) and beautiful blue (ends) .I tried toning the yellow tones on my roots with purple dye and toner, but both attempts didn't work.  

Should I bleach my roots again and redye them blue to make my hair even? 

Thank You

Idalys Padilla: Hello!,

So I would like to know how can I fix my roots. I had my hair black with turquoise ends but I had to get rid of it because of my job. I wanted to dye my ends black to even it out and then dye it red but I asked a Sally employee what should I do and she recommended to bleach it all... I did and then dyed it red the thing is now my roots are super red (Ariel red) which It's not ok at work and I don't want to dye it again since the rest of the hair is fine. What can I do to fix my roots??? Help!!

Misty Shortt: I've also just used 3v and my ends comes out dark purple but roots hot red.. why??? Help me

Lucy Jeanette: So if my roots are orangey red and the rest is like brown, I have to either bleach the brown parts or dye my roots to match the brown?
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Beth Ostrander: Hope long on hair before putting it on roots? I'm going a smidge lighter. I like the color not, but can never match the roots.
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Why you get hot roots and how to prevent and fix them