'Bridle Gossip' Review W/ The AnYPony

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"Bridle Gossip" Review w/ The AnYPony

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AnYPony's Top 5 Yay & Neigh of
AnYPony's Top 5 Yay & Neigh of "Bridle Gossip" with the VoiceOfReason
My Little Reviews: Bridle Gossip
My Little Reviews: Bridle Gossip
Bridle Gossip Review [MLP FIM]
Bridle Gossip Review [MLP FIM]

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the meeper: 4 nigh
I actually have a theory on it

The poison joke has 3 stages!

Stage 1: just touched pony

Stage 2: visual effects like it just looks like the effect but isnt real

Stage 3: the effect becomes real and blocks the talent.

When twilight first woke up she was on the very edge of stage 2 and when she finshed brushing stage 3 kicked in!

fatbeer85: Whelp 5 years later i actaully understand why this episode pissed me off so much.

Its racist.

Rainy Sky: I used to dislike this episode, but after I re-watched it, I think this episode is A okay in my opinion!
So I have to agree with AnY in this review ^^

Alexander The Creator: I liked the episode "Bridle Gossip," I watched it with no problem.

galaxy man . jpg: this is actually one of my favourite episodes from season 1

Leostar: you said "harmed" twilights horn wasn't harmed like shining's was

EquusHeart: The only reason why I like Bridle Gossip is that it introduces Zecora, who is one of my favorite characters. We need more Zecora!

Apple Frost: 4:27 - 4:50. For Luna's sake, I explained this on other cases. The Poison Joke only effected her horn. Not her magic. Afraid and taking what the others have said, Twilight stopped using her magic as soon as she used her horn. So her magic still works, she's just too worried to use it. In case something bad happens.

galaxy man . jpg: since ponyvile is inspired by the medieval period in history, i think it was supposed to derive from Old Testament laws against witchcraft and entering the mainstream when belief in witchcraft gained Church approval in the Early Modern Period. If people or even nobility thought you were strange or lived away from society, especially in the forest.. you would be seen as a witch and burned at the stake. it had nothing to do with race either, some people who would kill their own brother's sisters and mothers.

Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem: I think that the horn is only able to barly use levitation

Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem: howdey-ho! voice of reason

Log Horizon: Voice I recently watched some of this episode and not even past the intro I faced Palmed however I haven't found my spark yet.

Log Horizon: Eh it's my fourth least favorite episode but it's good because insert don't judge a book by it's cover morel here is not why
But because we got another sub race of pony the zebra's and how there cochlear is extremely important for them to understand

the doctor: Prima prime has return and you vocie You and him has alot in common do you understand vocie of reason

Lunatic J: The episode was mostly predicated and boring for me

G Lyon: I have a theory about how twilight was able to use magic! I think the horn wasn't actually limp yet. I think the poison joke had only made it softer, and when twilight used her brush, she brushed down on her horn causing it to bend and become limp. Plot hole solved!

Sammykid2 CPR: i like your music intro.

Todd Weasly: I actually think I have an explanation it's called poison JOKE that means everything is a joke which means that her horn works but it's limp and speckled, also the poison joke takes away mostly the main thing from each pony so yea I actually liked the episode

Katlyn Criswell: I love Bridle Gossip. It's one of my favorite episodes.

imamoose007: The only reason I like that episode just a little bit is because I really like Zecora.
"Bridle Gossip" Review w/ The AnYPony 5 out of 5

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the meeper: 4 nigh
I actually have a theory on it

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