Target, Walgreens & Fashion Haul

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Target + Walgreens HAUL/REVIEW!
Target + Walgreens HAUL/REVIEW!
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Beauty Haul! Fall & Halloween Goodies - Target & Walgreens
Walgreens Haul | What's New In My Drugstore?
Walgreens Haul | What's New In My Drugstore?
HAUL: Walgreens, ULTA, CVS!
HAUL: Walgreens, ULTA, CVS!
DRUGSTORE HAUL: Target, Walgreens & Sally's Beauty Supply
DRUGSTORE HAUL: Target, Walgreens & Sally's Beauty Supply

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Donna Galvan: Love you haul, and tips..Thanks...

Breona: Be careful with those hangers you think you're making space but you're actually putting a lot more strain on the shelves. My mom had the same problem and tried to fix it that way. We ended up having to replace all the shelves in the closet lol.

Erza Miku: EOS actually dry out your lips... If you want a hydrating lip balm, chose burt bees, chapstick, or carmex.

Savannah Greenwood: oh the biore face things work really good I have them and I but them on every night really good :)

Natalie Osorio: Goo.

Truebeautybabe12: I love this video! I have a video similar to it on my channel! Check it out if ya want!

Sunniva Brandal: You're so lucky, in norway an eos lipbalm is like 13 dollars!

Tracy Kingsley: Keep your Tide To Go stick in a zip lock bag before putting it in your handbag! The cap tends to fall off and the stick dries out in a minute. If you keep it in a bag, it will stay in good forever!!! And they do work like a champ!!!!

stephanie cable: Na na I feel the same way

Sophie Miezenbeek: New subieeeeeeee❤️!!!❤️

Winnie Chen: new subbieeeee!! ♥

Cant Say: I only like the sweet mint EOS, that's the only one that works for me and most people

Tracy Kingsley: Keep your Tide stick in a ziplock bag in your purse! The cap comes off easily and the stick will dry out super quick. You're going to love it, though!!!

Trang pham: What do used for your teeth, they look so white. Do u used coconut oil on your teeth as well. Do u have another idea how to get your teeth so white?

kim3lise: packing videos please

Xandria000123: Ur soo pretty

jenny liu: I mean eos lipbalms

jenny liu: My friend introduced me to eps lipbalms... But they just made my lips dry

Katie Harlan: EOS Lipbalms didn't hydrate my lips either!

Jenny P: Jergens Ultra Healing mini lotion comes in handy! I recommend that all the time on the go especially for dry skin!
Target, Walgreens & Fashion Haul ♡ 5 out of 5

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Donna Galvan: Love you haul, and tips..Thanks...
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