The BEST And Most HUMBLE Photographer, KEN LEW!

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vivian pham: Ken's work is amazing @.@

Jessenia P: Your pictures turned out amazing!

Squidberry Sparklepuff: Ew*

Squidberry Sparklepuff: Haha omg i love when gloria says ea

rik0na: lol he's adorable

KTBEverlasting: I love that picture when you two are about to kiss. This interview was hilarious and awesome.

Pitye: Glerp + Kleo vids are win. :D

to_ot: I cant watch this on my iPod wha

LilMama AThug: Lmao , Yall O3 Need To Make More Videoss Together , You All Are Hilariouss , c:

BadMentalImage789: Gloria! You look so beautiful :)

tnargtnarud: lol Ken seems like such a gentle and peaceful, monk-like giant.

Starrzz0607: omg i love the couple pictures that were only flashed quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!

AmeliaOni: :)

Mari :3: i died at the "WHEAR DEW YUHW LIHV?" part x3

Denise Renae: scarrrr lol

cristy: you heard it too? I thought I was the only one hearing craps,LOL. but i'm guessing its the fan inside of her computer :)

Chelsea Dagger: I love your pictures!! They're all lovely and I love your videos xx

motimotikolo: i luuurve when ken and leo is with gloria coz they just start laughing endlessly. they're gloria's laughter booster! hahah!

Courtney K.: Is somebody vacuuming nearby?? What IS that noise??

Courtney K.: ...and suddenly SUNGLASSES!
The BEST and most HUMBLE photographer, KEN LEW! 5 out of 5

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vivian pham: Ken's work is amazing @.@
Ульяна Зайка: Вытаскиваем ИЗ пакетика🤦🏼‍♀️
Golden Retriever: This looks like a super fun job
Mechanic and skills: does it have bidirectionally capability...(does not just reads sensors but can activate them) ?? as some code readers can
Dan theman: Chimney & stove Cement works great to & is only $2.99 at about any hardware store
Nathanaël Muller: have you 5*5 propeller ?
Karen Digras: nice job, easy to follow! thank trying to get to hat tutorial which will fit the beard.

The BEST and most HUMBLE photographer, KEN LEW!