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Ryan Cruz: Blame game by kanye
GamingWithThierry: That isn't distortion, That is a typical form of a blown subwoofer or some loose crap in the subwoofer.
Michael Hamilton: Now make it full body!
muskndusk: I realise this is an old vid but you have a very sexy voice.
Андрей Иванов: Почему у вас так мало рекламы,я сам пользуюсь уже четырьмя вашими инструментами,и почти за два года убедился,что цена качество на вашей стороне,делайте реклам больше...
Clint Parsons: So by this logic, if you have plants, fish, and shrimp in one tank you need three devices? I don't buy that. I think they are all the same, with different labels.
Hà Trường Long: toi muon ,,,mua ,,.o,.viet nam ,,,.mua ,,.o,..dau ,,..gia bao nhieu ,,.

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