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Paintball Tek: rocked this one at a wedding tonight, got multiple compliments :-) thanks for the vid sir.
kaylee yap: I like general grievous ! Who ever says general grievous bad stuff will DIE!!!!!
kitgaming TV: เวอร์เกินครับเล่นโย้โย้มีตัวเหี้ยโพล่มาเนี้ย
Coco Love: very good, i was looking for a video like this, thank you
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez: Why is It that after I cheat I always go back to square one. People say after they cheat it takes 1-2 weeks of deficit to go back to weight or techniquelly lower due to deficit from whay u where the day prior cheati n. But that isn't my case. I legit go back to square one. Having to legit start over why does that happen??
Matt Madd: I mean do more often for this year 2018 too
Nandino Poggemann: Funktioniert definitiv NICHT

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