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Kala Dwarakanath: What brand is this brush and what is the diameter of the barrel?
Daniel Morse: Zac,..HELLO!
Bryan McIntyre: where is orcish byway ???!!!?
Wora N: Good Frame
waqqqis: Саму плату не вынуть просто так, кнопку включения нужно отломать
Sorin Balan: Too bad it's succesor, Kingzone Z1 is a piece of crap compared to the K1.
I made the mistake to order one on presale and almost all the specs are fake (battery, cameras, no glonass, no dedicated audio chip), gps is awfull, the frame only has metal on the sides and the fingerprint sensor is far from acurate. There is zero support from the manufacturer and on their forum all the bad posts are moderated. If all this wasn't bad enough after a month of ussage I'm back to my Lumia 920 because the Z1 started randomly restartig or turning off out of the blue and the front camera and all the phone sensors stopped working... Wery disappointed since I paid almost 240$ (price plus import taxes). Wouldn't recomand it to anyone. #UMIIRON

COMUNIDAD COOPERVE: 100% funcional en 2017 mega like!!!!!!!!

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