Warhammer 40,000 'KillTeam' Vs Infinity The Game 'Operation Red Veil'

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Warhammer 40.000 "KillTeam" vs Infinity the Game "Operation Red Veil"
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Infinity Operation: Red Veil Unboxing
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Randal: Thanks for the review - very helpful! Dropping Necromunda was a big mistake by GW.

Scott "Nighthawk" Nelson: I quit playing 40K when my codex's starting costing as much as my core book. I went back to playing WW2 stuff and now that Gates of Antares is out I prefer it over 40K.

Dave G: I prefer resin and plastic minis to the old fashion metal minis.I find the detail on resion and plastic minis to be far superior to metal and much more durable.As for the games,i don't play the games,but I like the models associated with Warhammer and like minded games.To me it seems that in both boxed "starter" sets you get a much better deal with the GW Kill Team box,which of course is ment to draw you into the larger aspect of the game.

Xagroth: I failed to find in the video a small amount of facts that, while unrelated directly to the boxes, are very important. First, Corvus Belli has the complete rules and an Army building program for free in their website (meaning you can get ALL the rules, ALL the profiles and ALL the official missions for the year for free in PDF), while to play WH40k you would still need to buy a Codex for the TAU and another Codex for the flavour of Marines you wanna paint.
Another important part, Red Veil is HALF of what you need to play the game at the standard 300 points (10-20 miniatures/side) for either faction, while Kill Team provides, well, less than 1/10 of what you need for a Tau or SM army...

Brad Andrews: I think you missed the play map. It may be the back of the poster.

Attila the Hmm?: I think one of the things about Kill Team is for people that miss the specialist games from Games Workshop. I got into 40k just before they cut specialist games. I had always wanted to get back into 40k but it was always way too expensive, basically had to sell what little I had. Infinity came out and I got really excited. I bought a starter pack and a starter scenario. I'm sitting with 3 army lists, its a great game. And friend and I play but he is absolutely obsessed with Eldar, I think he'll be happy to see this coming back. However, I feel that those that love the fantasy and 40k universes will be pleased with the new route that games workshop is going. If they start looking into bringing Mordheim and Necromunda back, I will 100% be buying in. Kill team is a good start though, along with their other "neo-specialist games."

Sengi: The audio quality could be better.

Dominik Schwager: Kill Team means supporting Games Workshop and those are the guys actively hurting our hobby. So... don't really see how one could do it.

Nute Calu: No color, Infinity Operation Red Veil is a GAME, Kill Team ... 22 rule pages? Seriously?? Sorry but, my money is for Red Veil

MeekRebel: Interesting vid, thanks for sharing.

Comparisons are tricky imo because neither game is a replacement for the other. They give you such radically different experiences.

From looking at Kill Team (which is a lot less granular than the fan-made version from Heralds of Ruin) it seems to be much more of a 'beer and pretzels' casual game, which is absolutely fine. I've heard that it's easily broken, or at least not very competitive and can be exploited in ways that Red Veil's rules can't, because KT is a boiled-down version of 40k rather than a brand-new skirmish game that's built for that purpose.

I play Infinity a lot, and haven't played a GW game for 20 years. That said, KT appeals to me as something of a fun little blast, rather than a serious game. It won't replace Infinity for me, but it will give me something Infinity won't.

Ultimately, I suppose this is my point. The price difference is almost irrelevant. You won't get the same fix from KT that you would get from Infinity, however much money you save. And if you love 40k, spending more and going for Red Veil won't necessarily be a good idea either. They're extremely different experiences, despite both being skirmish games (although KT isn't a skirmish game, it;s 40k with fewer models and some bolt-on skirmish rules).

Stuart Marsh: Infinity minatures - so much better! That is where the cost is

War Forge: I like the kill team box I bought it myself it's great money for value. I'd like to buy a infinity game one day.

Waylon Savage: I just got kill team myself the 40mm base is for the tau turret

Richard Scott: It's worth pointing out that the Infinity rules (and all army lists) are Free online.... I payed for the books anyway, as there extremely nice, and have the background as well as the rules.

GW have been doing Starter boxes since 2nd ed, which may or may not have been viable forces out of the box (That one had a cardboard Ork Dreadnaught, and cardboard scenery)

The nice thing about the Red Veil (and Icestorm) boxes is you get Everything to play - there's even a measuring stick in there on the counter sheet.
And the nice thing about Kill Team is the mini-rulebook.

Cesar Perez: Cool unboxing and overview/ comparison. I would love to see your review/ follow up. Age of Sigmar is also very friendly towards new players, it's what got me into the hobby.

Joshua Werner: why buy there paints?

darren67tv: ...don't ever show Haqqislam on camera, it's haram!

Wallace Rocha: Man ....you spend a looooooot of money do play 40k ....that starter is a starter .... but the cb is playable !!!! less money

JG.112: Great work. Can't wait to see your follow up videos.

Matt P: I think the point you missed is that Kill-Team has a modified "kill-team" sized skirmish rules as well to play smaller scale games requiring far less of an investment. By the way On the Red Veil side, they include the battle-mat on the back of the poster. But if we are going to compare as a bridge to the "full game" as far as 'growth' Kill-Team's sets of minis is not for either Tau or SM a "nearly complete" force for a propper 40k game. The miniatures in Red Veil for both factions are a handful of miniatures away from being propper sized forces meaning that the money required to scale up for a "full game" is a lot less despite its higher base price.
Warhammer 40,000 "KillTeam" vs Infinity the Game "Operation Red Veil" 5 out of 5

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Randal: Thanks for the review - very helpful! Dropping Necromunda was a big mistake by GW.
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