Minecraft Xbox 360 - Review

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Minecraft - XBLA Video Review
Minecraft - XBLA Video Review
Minecraft Xbox 360  - Review
Minecraft Xbox 360 - Review
GameSpot Reviews - Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
GameSpot Reviews - Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Review
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Review
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Treeckocrafter: I grew up with this version

Special Clash 10: The nostalgia

Kers A HerpaFuqer: Nostalgia anyone? Got it the day after it came out for 360. GOD the cobblestone looks horrible, yet doesn't feel that long since they changed the textures

SuperJayXD: 1:50 What does he mean by killer app?

SuperJayXD: Does the narrator's voice give anyone else nostalgia? I used to watch Game Trailers for Pop Fiction or whatever it was called about the video game stuff. Did anyone else do this?

SuperJayXD: Why does the video have 21 thousands views yet Game Trailers has over 600k subscribers? Why does the video only have a little over 40 comments too?

SuperJayXD: 1:56 What does he mean by that?

unkown :O: this video was made in 2012 xD

albino rhino: This is so outdated

Robertas Mockevičius: YAY LETS JUST MAKE A REVIEW 1 DAY AFTER the realese and say dumb ass lie. Theres this new thing guys, iTS CALLED UPDATES

mrdante361: Just burnt this game. Finally gonna give it a try.

aryanne westfall: Big words...0_0

X-khou: Like it said in the review, no. But theres going to be.

7d7e7f7: This deserves no less than a 9/10. This game is fantastic.

Lukey: dude, the number of players is very important. What if you have 8 friends who all want to play in a world together with you?

Lukey: no it only has survival as of now

Bryce Ginther: you can make stone bricks u just need cobblestone and when u smelt it it becomes stone i havent played the pc version but i freaking love minecraft on xbox i know thats its dimmed down but come on lets be logical GAMING COMPUTER VS XBOX WHICH ONE IS BETTER? obviously the computer i mean look at BF3 u can have like double the players in a match on pc

Calum Welbourn: 0:33 is that meant to look like a giant rooster?...

Chezzydude1: well umm freak off

Chezzydude1: yes u can make stone. just put cobblestone in a furnace and BOOM stone
Minecraft Xbox 360 - Review 5 out of 5

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Treeckocrafter: I grew up with this version
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Minecraft Xbox 360  - Review