Battle For Dream Island - Storyboard 1: 'Acquire The Submergence'

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Stan Noel: Its bad animation but I like it

TheColossalMixel: This looks exactly how I draw

Another Tom & Ben Production: I always thought rocky said " Hey Tb, my 'GIRLFRIEND'

Eli Prints: Wait so when Coiney got slapped he originally said grrrrrr not hey?????

Ba _Dum_Tiss: Acquire the Submergence (they did it before it was a meme lol)

FocusZic: *OOF*

Lightning Animation: 11:24 WORKING HOT FIREY BUTT

i dont know why am i doing dis: *puts it at 2x speed* -_-

Pizzachu Productions: 6:02 Blocky: Lotsa gum on the bottom side.

The kids version Of Albert stuff: Comic is always first

Reiko Wolf: Redserdwefsrvfgbr

SebascoolXx Y Grassy La Hierbita: 13:55 LEAK!!!!!!!!

Travis Armenta: I don't like to hate, but the storyboard for the challenge in my opinon is better than the actual video.
Obviously, your videos are much better than this now.

Pizzachu Productions: "She is like a bosso bossy-bot"

biggestfanofLeafy: 2:20

o o f


Frances Mejia: Who else is re-watching this in 2017?!

Peacefulmomoman: TOTAL FIREY ISLAND

Chara R: 10:41 "Shut it, coiny. I only like tennis ball in a NON PLATIONIC way!"

Casi: 🤑🤑😝😎😎😞😝😅😇😲😍💉👣👣🏥❤️🚑💚😼😷💩💀😸😺👺💤😴👹🤖👽👿🤕🤒😈👻😹😻👽🤖😼🈸📝✒️🖋🖌🔍🔍🔏✏️🖍🖊🎎📨📆📫📊🐶🐮🐥🕷🕷
Battle for Dream Island - Storyboard 1: "Acquire the Submergence" 5 out of 5

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Battle for Dream Island - Storyboard 1: