6) GhostHand DIY Speed Cube Review SpeedCubes!

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6) GhostHand DIY Speed Cube Review SpeedCubes!
6) GhostHand DIY Speed Cube Review SpeedCubes!
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蓮: Well this is quite the old gem...

cube solving: it's always the economey isn't it 0:24

MilletGtr: Bought the Ghosthand recently, and it is shaping up to be my favorite cube ever :D

Ryan Wong: You guys don't have enough cubes

Nghiem Tran: verry nice vid ^0^

hdci123: @MdogProductions15 the f2 is a GREAT cube, my sheng-en one is anyways. got it off cube4you

WallTalk: @akimbom40A3 ur gonna have to take all the peices off, get like a butter knife. look at the corners ofthe centers when its only the core and the 4 centers. there should be a little ridge on 2 opposite corners, just put the butterknife in there, and press down on the handle, the upward force of the other end should lift it up, then when its just a bit up, follow the edges around with the butter knife, till its all uplifted then u can just use ur finger to life it up

rejectedbythedevil14: how much is a ghost hand cube anda type f2 cube? where would i get them??

Keyur Vaidya: I found that if you rub each cubie clean with a cloth so that the cube becomes very quiet again, but still has very good speed.

Greg Wheat: mine is frekin amazing. i cuts corners like nobody's business! it cuts a full piece.

White Tiger Gaming: I got a Ghosthand, didn't come in a baggy, but out of the box and it was sweet! Only one issue and that's a common issue no matter what type it is, the sticker color. Orange and Red were similar to one another. And I dunno, but white stickers on a white cube just annoy me, so I got a sticker set from CubeSmith who now sell stickers for the F type cubes. :D

Russell Laboe: I've had this cube for about 3 weeks. I bought it on Ebay. this is a good cube. moves fast. but it doesn't cut corners as well as i had hoped. the stickers it came with were slippery so i got some textured tiles from cube smith. haven't really had any problems with it yet. the bag is nice too (now all my friends think it's funny to touch my cube sack)

pumpkinpot: is that ghost hand I or II?

JL2996: Is the Ghost Hand very bubbly like the Type F II?

Seshwan33: i have just recieved mine. i bought one already assembled its absolutely great out of the bag :) i tightend it just slightly but it was already lubed and was really good and noise wise it is kinda quiet compared to most cubes! i would recomend this cube to anyone! it also came so fast! from hong kong to the uk in a week!!! i couldn't believe how fast it came and for a great price also.

Cara Manning: he must have forgotten about us:(


x0teehee0x: Does anyone know what happened to PuzzleProz? He said he was closed untill he moved to California and that he would be open in June, but now It's January! Can you still place orders? His eBay store is empty! What happened?

waeng Tan: it doesnt pop but it locks up way too much for me....

Fuentes520: I used CRC to lube it and turns great, and never pops.
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蓮: Well this is quite the old gem...
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6) GhostHand DIY Speed Cube Review SpeedCubes!