S Voice Vs Google Now!

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Tom Walter: I think your ping might be really high?

My Google Assistant is absolutely instant when getting results and stuff. It's super smooth.

As for content.. No way S Voice wins. Why are you using your voice if you want to read the results? Also, wikipedia pages are HUGE, so the fact that it narrowed the entire page down into a perfect summary it read to you.

Also, S Voice layout and stuff is weird..what did it say that was totally unnecessary?

Did you ask for all the S Voice junk it provides when you are only asking one question?

Naraku Kagiwaki: My tablet has both... =)

Mister Fishsticc: dude no one cares about speed and you need to make up you're mind do you like a lot of information or not

Ricardo Martinez: o

Chris Liu: Is this some kind of smart phone quiz bee ? ..... After watching the video I still don''t know which one to use .... Can anyone teach this kid how to do a comparative review .... Hey kid what are you "reviewing" about ... which phone draws in bandwidth faster.... or the usability of the AI... here's one for you do the same setup with an identical phone. I bet you my bottom dollar one phone will be faster than the other ....

Darth Awar: +iTechTriad S Voice is made by Google, S Voice is more basic so it does not compete with Google Now, S Voice is tied into Google Now if you take a good look!

S Voice is almost instant because it is programed to use Samsung Hardware while Google now is a Universal program and as such must work with lots of different hardware!

If you can manage to erase/delete Google Now off Android and try to use S Voice it will not work properly if at all!

BTW Try S Voice vs Google Now vs SIRI vs Cortana vs Hidi vs Voice Mate! (Also next time try to get them to make notes, set a calendar reminder, post to facebook and/or twitter and book a restaurant or ticket!).

Aaron Kalat: This video is outdated. The new S Voice runs a lot better. When you ask the time it only tells you the time now. The voice model is much nicer sounding too. The best part is how witty it is. You can now tell it crazy commands like "die" and "f*ck off" and it will snap back at you lol.

Zyra: The S Voice more information are produce, than Google Now!

Windows Electronic101: S Voice is just crap. I'm sorry, it's getting to the point wheere Samsung is falling behihnd on voice recognition. It's just...nah. It just tells me all the time that she can search the web - and Google Now doesn't do this - so Google Now wins with this war.

AMK 347: S voice is another piece of crap from Samsung just like Touch Wiz. Google Now is a million times better.

Awesome Mario: s voice

Interweeb: This guy doesn't know what disclaimer means.

Printing 4 Profit w/ Ken & Latonna: really not a great comparison. Im really not interseted in asking my Note about the time, abraham lincoln etc, 
What I want to know is which assistant is better for setting appointmnets, looking up my schedule, and I really would love to see it it would send emails. I tested the email feature on Google now and it will open my email app but not send an email. Couldnt get it to do that on S voice either. But s-voice will send text messages. Please do another review on the business features that one would use as a real personal assistant. Thanks , Great video any way I did see that google now is faster and that I liked. I aslo hate that S voice ask me so many questions SHE talks to much..,.

Lucy Teixeira:   S Voice is driving  crazy  ,I program .it..now I  cant get rid of it  sooo!! enoying.. how to unstall it..?? Please someone help..  if not program I  know you go to setttings  etc and desabel..but once you program it   ,cant remove.it  .try everything ..thanks

daniel ratcliff: Would have like a better review. Which is better at making appointments, alarms, things other than simple internet search etc

N3xusPr1me: It gives more infos on the S3, but actually if you ask other questions on the moon, it will display the exact same card, and Google Now will answer you with a completly different result. S Voice is just crap from Samsung, like Touchwiz

JustAGuy: I like them both, but yeah, the Google voice search feature has improved into what it is now, and I like the recognition and results it gives along with the presentation.  It is very integrated.

Ralph Bromley: The newer s voice seems to have fixed a lot of the issues seen here

Doug Brown: Did you happen to notice that Google Now provided 1454' as the height of the Empire State Building?  Hmmm I'm thinking that providing correct information might be more valuable to me than providing fast information. I also think that giving Google Now the head start is silly unless you are going to know what your are going to ask Google now before you know what you're going to ask S Voice.  LOL
I don't think that either of these points are going to change anyone's opinion but I do suggest a do over is in order.

Gnouveli: S voice is Suck voice
S Voice vs Google Now! 5 out of 5

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S Voice vs Google Now!