Call Of Duty Multiplayer Gameplay W/ JNasty720

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I got cpd ghost
I got cpd ghost
Girlfriend Game Time: Buzz! (Dual Commentary)
Girlfriend Game Time: Buzz! (Dual Commentary)

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LikeABaus: Modded is Illegal , Scuf is legal

Skadewdle: He cares WAY to much

Skadewdle: Lol he bitches about c4 whet a hipocrite

RushingTGaming: And if someone gets all his streaks the enemy will rage and you won't get a kill

SonofPosh: I'm loving your videos so much J, keep it up!

SonofPosh: I'm

RushingTGaming: If you're good you mostly die because off your teammates so you rage If you are bad then it's your own fault so stfu This is one off the rage games so don't hate on that Jnasty is much better than you so he knows what he's doing

The Great Dansby: it is actually. Modded is a modification. Just because it's not a rapid fire controller doesn't mean it's not a mod. I have a scuff, the back paddles, and trigger stops are def mods.

Timmy NoThumbs: You were clearly playing against me nastyman

TheMICRKR: How is amp clan going?

vanwieisme: Lmao

iMaddox16: It's like most people complain when their team is crap. He complains when they're good. Like what the actual freak?

Xronald9: I don't like some if the rage and cussing if you did t do that I would sub

vanwieisme: "U ARE PROBABLE crap" What does that even mean..?

vanwieisme: Yep. He had no way of knowing that guy was camping for his streaks. I'd rather have a teammate go 51-7 than 7-51.

justin huallanca: 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

Dabber Doug: more thumbs up then yours so...

Luke Frobisher: haters

LikeABaus: Scuf is not Modded.

Call of Duty Multiplayer Gameplay w/ JNasty720 5 out of 5

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OfficialEverythingYouWant: Sick
LikeABaus: Modded is Illegal , Scuf is legal
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Call of Duty Multiplayer Gameplay w/ JNasty720