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Jamie Van Beveren: Lived in NJ my whole life, and have had a season pass to 6 flags multiple years in a row and have never heard about the incident. I was born 6 years after the accident, but still can't believe I never heard a thing.
Андрей Бабин: подскажите пожалуйста... высвечивается чёрный треугольник с со знаком ! . Что это обозначает ???
สมัย พ่อศรีชา: ชอบ
Wallacy Cotta: Olá amigo. Qual a finalidade de vc colocar duas H7 e um H10?
RocketJoe1: did you figure it out?? vid shows a "short" ant...... 2.4g transmiter for rc?? what freq. is video?? humm?
Gemme: это мое любимое место в Эйлате!
สามาคมYouTube Wathukchai: Talk Talk
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