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Mai Yenish: Don Lemon received a great comment from a person on the street:

The Zombie Plox: Oye... Por que está en no listado? Este video es epico!
Anthony Starfield: Since you're talking in Thai, you should write the title of your video in ... uh, English? No, Thai! A big thumbs down for you. The guy is just upset because I banged his sister last weekend.
wagstaff613: nice review -- mine is plain-edged, so no veff serrations; still a bit of extra care to make sure liner lock engages, sometimes, like you say in your review. (I thought it was just mine!) Still, it's not a problem since I'm not whipping this out as a tactical knife.
Elsie Garcia: Azom ginga
Maimouna Bonkoungou: This is similar to The other shezow but ugly.....
Damn daniel, back at it again with the scooters: Walmart