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BreyerBrey: Have it and worst camera ever. drop it once and the inside lens are stuck to the outside one ._.Won't buy Nikon anymore!!
PGm issa: Wtf lol no one does that anymore take it to a shop itll look more realistic anyway
leng ocampo: hi, i downloaded an ebook but do not know how to open it. how do i?
Lydia Ludmilla: Du bist echt klasse,sehr sympathisch und natürlich UND deine Augenbrauen sind Top ;)
Dylan Callaway: Very cool vid look at using braided fishing line it's almost invisible and comes in any lb tes u can think of I keep bout 200 yards of 80 to 120 lb tes in my hunting bag for trip wires or for lashing a shelter in a pinch
Marco Antonio Krause: god bless you
cemeteryhill: Awesome foul play at the end. This deck is just like a deck I run IRL. I made M Mewtwo Y/Zoroark Break & kept losing to Night March so I added the Baby Birds & a few other cards to help the match-up. Very cool other people are coming up with the same solution.