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Slava M: Сука ... посмотрел эту пиликающую чушь ...НО я так и не увидел настроек внешнего вида интерфейса. То с чего должно начинаться любой подобный туториал
Миша Касатонов: старый добрый бампинг
jgmedina: Should I get wide with a 11?
frank ploger: also comes in 9mm..
Please if you are going to watch this amazing movie, please be aware that there is a scene where in Harry Osborn spoiler transforms into the green Goblin. That scene features fast blinking lights in red and white all over the screen, and weird, loud noises for over 20 seconds. Please be aware of the consequenses. Be save please, and try to spread this, you could save a life.