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Dheray Nahare: uploader= cunt
Emmett everything is awesome: I got Emmet from the Lego movie from the blindbags and it was my first Lego movie blindbag minifigure
anitaabonita: Damn Rox i miss you. Binge watching all your old videos lol
ilovemiele1: @Marc1998Scotland theres would have either been a wm52 or wm54 if it did 1000
Phillippy AbrĂ£o: tamanho 32 resulta ao 38 brasileiro ???
Bada Bing Bada Boom: Yeah, the video in the "sidebar" doesn't work. Or it was deleted.
Car mad: Such a thing of beauty!!!!! I might be getting this car in few weeks! Im so excited xD it looks soo classy for its price n puts a lot of german hatchbacks to shame