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Paulobraveheart M: hi,do you tink is i mystake build i gaming pc with 7700k?
Awoke: А как же Half-Life? Это же божественная игра!
BonkZ: Hi! Im going to Nerja this summer and I want to bring my drone with me. Do you think that I can go through the airport with it? What are the laws to fly in Spain? I want to bring it so bad but Im not sure about the rules.
maximpact24: Van helsing looks like a really fun game. Randomness is always a sticky point for games though... Keep up the great work you guys. Cheers. ^>^
RKVC: ☑️
Сергей Т: Здравствуйте, а сделайте пожалуйста обзор на замену тачскрина на Leagoo m8... Собираюсь поменять, хотелось бы знать все тонкости и подробности...
Patrick Megill: mine doesnt have 3 screws, its just a plastic cover but theres nowhere to lift it from.