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Bhura Amhed: 9897665490
Galinha vlogs: que música e essa
thatswhatshevlogged: I love your channel but may unsubscribe if you keep posting videos from SeaWorld. Please do not support them and their abuse of animals.
boxwoodgreen: Sledge's wifes story about the "whispering name wake up" hit me hard. Forty-four years ago I went out for an outing with my brother, and forgot my wallet. My dad, a shift worker had moved to sleep in our room on shade side of the house. I snuck quietly to the desk to get my wallet. My dad jumped from the bed and grabbed me by the neck lifting me off the ground faster than I ever saw anyone move, his face drawn back in a wolf-like sneer. It took a second for him to realize where he was, and who I was. He became my dad again. For just those few seconds he was a combat officer again in a hole somewhere in France, Belgium, Germany, or Holland where if you didn't wake and fight, you never woke at all. The Greatest Generation.
Andrei Gordon: Thanks for sharing, Toyota should be ashamed of themselves for designing such a ridiculous method just to change a headlamp, total joke.
VeXasus伊万: dudo que alguien lo vea en en 2018 , yo lo vuelvo a ver por pura nostalgia :")
eddi fowler: True