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TrainSounds: Can I hear a video of a full dover announcement including the stops after Summit?
Dwayne Harris: WTF is Dudes Problem with using "RIGHT" Its As Anoying As The Simple Son That Says "Ya Know What Im Sayin"! Ya Know What Im Sayin? RIGHT! Otherwise filled with the same Ole bullcrap RIGHT.. Im Gonna Shoot For BTCP Since I Miss All The Forks Then Maybe I'll Go NEO Again To Many Games Played To Get Dividends From BTC.. There Is A Great Deal Of Money & Security To Be Had In Crypto.. Yet The Main Point That Stifles Growth Is Complexity.. Make The crap Easy For People To Use And You Will Be A Very Rich Person...
ImMakiii: wenn ich das runde ding dran maxhe damit er stehen kann und wenn ich ihn dann auf mein tisch setzt schaut er so runter. wie kann ich den winkel ändern?
Na Na: lol I love you're personality! so sassy, "I need another one. he needs to buy me another one!" that's me as freak lol
donut7024: @JarheadSchaetz I don't have a fan page, but I got a regular one. I'll probably make a fan page though.
Heather Patrignani: I. Love. Gafied
Wayne McCormick: Great audio man.