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Jared: You should consider busing Raw Wood as a single Raw Wood can turn into multiple pieces of Wood or 1 Resin. Whatever you need, built it locally pulling Raw Wood off the bus.
Nic: How did u attach the catch 22 to the sling
GameStream: what is the name of this helicopter used in the video
Saurabh More: I have not worked as scrum master but worked on agile project .So I think CSM from scrum alliance will be good for me or PSM ? If CSM can you please guide with good training centre in Mumbai which gives training and prepares you for exam also cost effective one?
ぎこちゃん: 俺の顔きも。
Konrad C: They damage rockers, paint, they dent the cars, freaking assholes. Take the freaking wheels but stop messing the cars you rob ffs
djmixnmagic: Much as I am happy for McAugust, this makes me pine for the days of when we hastagged McLevitz.  I still think they would've made a cute couple.