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ieaioa: Fantastic Tutorial. I'm pretty dumb and it worked for me. Using putty got me caught up, I got lost a few times when you didn't explain a few of the commands.  Took a few hours to do this (told you I was dumb), but it works now. You da man!
Dimitry A: Белковский в ответ подарил "сибирякам" мозг.
alwbjc: Thank you for this! The video plus the answers were really helpful!
Nikki Bhire: Quikrcars?
Arion: интересная техника -" здувания",надо попробовать.
Jennifer Cardinale: Great book
KALANLAD jnr: This is the best Vader ever made in 3.75! To quote SithLord229, it makes you want to bin all the other Vaders in your collection! I've got one of each,and dodgy loose head #26 and the improved #03 secured. Love it.