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USNVA: It's a shame your local codes don't allow you to get the wind turbine blades up above the tree tops. I believe you said 20' was the maximum height. You could capture quite a bit more wind if your blades were up another 15-20 feet... might even be turning non- stop.
skagirl1702: спасибо за комментарий) колье красивое)) и наушники хорошие)
James High: Where did you get the body work I don't recognize that color
Artemka Zabun: смотрю обзор,после этого такой же закажу
real world poker: This dude is clueless. The reason for the decrease in marriage success is that couples are NOT financially dependent upon each other combined with our society has become primarily takers & not givers.
TheKennyKennyKenny: Really Love the cooking videos, Good Job!!
Lucky kulon: только деньги автоматически с карты снимаются - прикольный такой лохотрон.
Произношение - полный трэш!