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Elisa Morales: Girl your face isn't even red!
Eric Negron: I'll take the estwing!!
Who Is He: Good job question how did you put in the background music?
Dev Jag: I have the 1.8. Year 2008. This car has enough space for your luggage. The rest of the car is bullcrap. Low quality. Lightbulbs have to be changed frequently, air ventilation inside they come off from the dasboard. Cd/mp3 gets stuck, suspensions problems etc.
Next car, definetly not an Opel.

EESSCC: Wie habt ihr am Anfang die Waffen bekommen ?
Spork Schivago: Does 1aauto sell that leg piece that they show at around 3 minutes 40 seconds or so along with a new rod for the door handle?
wafawe aefwfwae: .