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ㅤThorMonster™: cara o wi-fi está funcionando???
Diego Javier: 2 años y aun no sube la 3ra parte
Anita :D: Y como se quita?

Miguel: You ripped us all off! This is megabits not megabytes! 10 megabits is only 1.2 megabytes!
3r4n d4x l0nk3r: Viel Gequassel und Wiederholungen, aber wichtige Informationen fehlen wie z.B. das Gewicht, mögliche Ausrichtungsänderungen und überhaupt eine Übersicht über alle Funktionen der Software des Readers.
Gaby Olaya: cool good idea
CharlieBo313: Many of my subscribers have been posting requests and sending private messages asking for me to go and do videos in certain places out west especially lately, including the Los Angeles area, Oakland, Texas cities such as Dallas, and Houston. Also many more southeast cities, Miami, Birmingham also St Louis, Boston, New Orleans, and many others. This as you know is very expensive. I will eventually go to these places, if you would like to see this happen sooner rather than later, please make a donation to through Paypal donation I have set up with a debit or credit card, no matter how big or small. Thank you all for watching and subscribing.