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eric blalock: How do you default the audio to get the bass to activate?
Hot Hat Kid#Ap: how Did Stanley found out and wrote about Bill cipher
Serendipity Gutierrez: Hi, I'm sorry it's super weird that I'm liking and commenting on a video form so long ago but you're such an inspiration to me and I've been watching your videos and when you mentioned that when you were in Vegas you went to Serendipity, I just got super excited because that's my name and I don't know if you'll see and read this but I just want to say that I think you're super funny and beautiful and again inspiring and amazing and yeah, I'm just babbling now but I absolutely love you❤
Georgia Fan: How much weight was saved using the aluminum body? Bullet proof - modernized on-off roader. So cool
Henry Cooper: Remarkable video review in depth on the film..welcome to view my channel on amazing stuff I do.
Doot: It would be cool to have a Dovakin skin
MattSlinky: did you just force the cap at the bottom of the centre post off. because mine doesnt seem to come off. which means i cant flip ot updide down?