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Steve I: Character profiling is real, and extremely accurate. Don't be ignorant, do a little research.
yasin elatmani: Anyone know the brand of the white bonnet ????
S M: Price means everything to me. I just got the new Lee breachlock progressive. I really like it, but I like Hornady as well. You have to make yourself happy, enjoy reloading, and enjoy life while it’s here.
Wanda: Нет, не то. Лучше, чем без упора, но все-равно до видеокамеры не дотягивает, даже того самого панаса v750-770
joe hayward: Going to make 1 for my mother for Christmas. She adores Groot. Thanks Scotty. P.S. Going to make it about a foot & 1/2 tall.
B. Igić: Have you tried Stereo Tool? It's another software processor and it's very advanced, including many things present in very expensive audio processors. Although all features can be used for free, advanced features play sound message and/or a beep when not registered. But it uses a lot of CPU...
sbnkid: freak, now I'm hungry