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Michelle Talavera-Butterfield: If you want to fold this tub up you can find out how by reading the instructions. There is two places you have to push up on to make it fold.
sb-sb faouzi: merci khoya lay hafdak  
Vladimir Nikolaev: Спасибо моей супруге, которая выступала в роле оператора) Потрачено 2 дня на съемки, а всего то вышло 9 минут) Но зато получился максимально информативный ролик!
Ashwin Datta: Congrats! I am pretty sure you are the first person to ever document the discovery of this cave.
Smol chile: subscribed! :D thanks man your awesome
Zingis Khan: Very helpful
Kwaj: I prefer Alpine white since it's a more traditional white, but mineral white does like mighty nice.