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Kyo Rin: so i can do 45 and i was just wondering is one set of this enough per day?
ดินสอ พอง: มีเลเซอร์ด้วยนาทีที่2.56
YANIBEL De DURAN yuuu: Muy lindo tu video los e visto casi todo amo tu vídeo sigue subiendo si si porfa plis gracias por compartir tu video son elmoso te deseo k Dios te ciga dando sabiduría
SpartanXable: The personality of Sweet Tooth is a great character for his anger , bravery, and supposed fearlessness ..he will be great for a 5 star movie.
Rockywood Films: i did the swap quarter the time you had and it dont work. Rather get the genuine stuff off ebay.
Rj Echols: I know, old video, but my 2010 has been averaging 33-35
Yo Vans: How good is it with building muscle and getting ripped