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ⵠⴷⴶⵁⴸⵏⵖ: Одному мне показалось что Русик чем-то похож на Ярослава? :)
Milomir Zivkovic: Čestitam majstore! Spretno, nema šta...
Michiel Vanolst: Oh Tim, I had the same thing with the original Resident Evil, I was a little kid back then and borrowed it from a friend, and literally the very first zombie (the legendary cutscene), I got so scared, turned it off and never ever played it again. Ironic how I now love horror the most, both in games and movies, and generally laugh at things other people would find scary (ik heb Resident Evil 4 zowel op de ps2 als de x360 helemaal in mn eentje, 's nachts zitten spelen, beste RE ever imo, eat that Tamtu :D )
Игорь Тимошенко: Простите, в названии ролика упоминается слово "стерильные" в каком месте они у вас стерильные? Где упаковка каждого сменного файла для сохранения стерильности? где описание процесса стерилизации?
Joe Cavalry: Does it use/consume cell phone data? Is it free to use over the phone LTE network?
Francisco Marriott: hi, can you please provide more information about how you power the dongle? could you send a picture of the charger you used?, and of the powering set up?
yoguihendrix: so you have money for a radio, but rather recording the video with a shoe! classy!