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Andrei Zapan: Hi! Haw I can change from mph to kph please? Thanks!
marcos Roberto: bom vídeo , meu próximo investimento é o kts 570 , tenho 5 Scanner mas sempre fica devendo claro até o próprio kts 570
vc também tem aquela outra parte do Scanner para ver secundário de ignição no scope,

Jun Tao: Dude your video title says "best AA weapon light" but you hardly gave any good reason as to why. All you did was mumbled about it and half the video was on the l2d.
Quart Er: U see iam a 12 yearbold boy and iam a calm and cool boy i almost take everything easy and the important plus point about me is i don't get angry which makes me very calm all day
Света Ундрицова: Н
King Ice: Check out our SoundCloud for all of our music.
ManeTarget: 3:04 had me dieing