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Funny Games: söliyim insana insan oynarken olur
Elegant_Projects: I have a level door knob and I can't figure out how to pop it off. Do I need a hexkey?
BCFreedomFighter: I had to replace 16 injectors, all lines twice, two high pressure pumps, 3 low pressure pumps, drained the tank 3 times and had it cleaned along with a list of other issues that don't end. My suggestion stay the hell away from the 2011 F350. In total was about 28,000 cdn in repairs over a two year period.... Also in this two years had the wrist pin let loose on one of the pistons the first week owning the truck and took out the motor, replaced the throttle body, 4 new batteries, starter, alternator and god knows what else I'm sure though there was more... Much more, it was a nightmare that wouldn't end. Then it blew an injector right out of the motor and started leaking fuel all over the place... That was the last straw, I left it at the dealership for 4-5 months while paying for it then said the hell with this and just about to take delivery of a 2017 King ranch 6.7 DRW. I really hope the hell these issues have been figured out as no one on earth deserves the financial torture and ruins I had to go though and Ford wouldn't help out near at all with the fuel issues, especially as the truck was just out of warranty!
Matthias De Saedeleer: how much wind was there in this test/review? What's the weight of the kiter?
Mehak Toor: I subscribed
Dante Freeman: Everyone hates you. XD XD XD
Laura Terneus: Why would it leak after putting it back