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SI RICKO: That flanges in on the wrong side but if u just only want sound then👎🏽
Nermal Cat: Fluffy Goes Walkies...On your computer.
Eleni Eliades: No. He also slides foot forward. What you are doing is another technique, which works great. But it's not the "Jojo Mayer " technique.
Azara Moon: Ive had it for 3 weeks now, last night I had one of those burning attacks, I wanted to die from the pain. Im 61, and this is my 2nd bout of shingles, the last one being 30 yrs ago.
thomas obuya: yes it is in play station 3
Ogeid Zelop: The CCT is a spring loaded rod, OEM CCT's comes with a crapty spring that has a short term life, instead of just selling the spring alone they make you buy the entire assy wich costs between 80-100$, best solution to this is to buy an APE manual cam tensioner for about 40$ the only bug about this is that you have to adjust the tensioner yourself once in a while, but compared to 80$ every 20,000miles for a new CCT I think is really worth it, I have them installed on my bikes.
TotalFisherman6502: thanks pal ;)