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Sima: Привет! Классное видео! Лайк!
Я подписалась на Ваш канал!
Подписывайся на мой, мне нужен такой друг )))
Наше видео https://youtu.be/H2FOkjVWcQM

Mckinley Navarrete: Mmmmmmmm.......
helena luna: Could you uplaod the lipstick mp3 it kinda made me angry you didn't show the full ringtone
HQXStudios: mine goes up to 50 ft so I don't know what the whole fuss is about, it's lots of fun
purple secret Justme: Hi great video I asked my denturist how much for each implant, he told me 2 thousand a implant. I am canadian maybe the prices are higher in the usa don't know. I want to know how painful it was and how long did it last thanks bro
Dragon City Am Gamer: Breeding Monster Combination in this video:
* Tyrannoking = Get from Shop using Gold
* Vapwhirl = Mersnake + Firesaur
* Soap Sam = Get from Monstershore Island Quest

OgMandin0: No vocal comments at all. Just a video of insides operating.