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Quadcopter Nerd: Great shots! The colors turned out beautifully! Did you need to do any color correction in the post edit? Or does it really look that gorgeous out there?!?
As per DroneZone's unnecessary comment, (we don't need to self-police responsible flyers like Sam) It is a real shame that the current rules don't allow for more videos like this. It's hard to imagine why something as huge as the Grand Canyon and as ideal for quad copter footage should be off limits.

Alyssa b: So why is it the description says blue eyes and she has brown eyes?? This is so ridiculous!
Christine Handley: Chibi Pet Soy by waremobile
So. Much. Cute.

Huda Dakheel: Please we need English translate .
Slager BOMB: what is the difference in boats?
Caitlin Padmore: 2017?
philthyco1: adjust your seat dude ..and when the car is dialed in it holds very firm on the road..this one im sure needs front end work..its a fox body tbirdĀ it isn't that big of a car smh..freaking millenials lol