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Burak Algul: Walkaround ne oluyor
Максим Полевой: скоро psp подарят буду крэша проходить
เติมศักดิ์ เเก้วมาลัย: เปลี่ยนฟอนต์อย่างไงครับบ

DeadlyScorpion: Will this work with other mods such as superheroes unlimited?
franktank1970: really?? boxed food reviews??
σℓι: Who else is watching on an iPad Mini?
Kaan Karatay: Hi,
How much KV has the Scorpion Motor which you have? How much Apms on 6Cell Lipo? I´m not sure about buying a Hacker A50 14S V3 or the Scorpion Motor.... Can you send me a few of Spec. about this Motor? I don´t find any information....