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Shivoki: Wow, I REALLY enjoyed this.
Suresh Lingabathina Babu: Hi I got the unit but I set at 24V and current limiting at 2 amp and load is 24V and current draw set 1.5 amp so power supply should work on CV mode but if I check voltage at load it is less than 24V My question is CV mode not working? Display show 24V but voltage across load is less than 24V so what is the meaning of CV mode. Thanks in advance.
Second Amendment gear reviews: could you make this film not pap
alan paulino da silva: isso é uma clínica psiquiátrica ?
discord mykong: Takes them and putting them where??? How much cars u have now?? I got 620 hot wheels started in 2008 and still getting them I'm a collection of them
itsadogslife4me: Thankyou for the help for heroes donation. Helpful video thankyou.
Red Vynil: Can you say, "The Blair Witch Project"?  Sure, I knew you could!