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pc master: Wallpaper????!!!!!!!
Vadim Komissarov: Жаль, титры ужасные - читать невозможно. Пока пытаешься усвоить написанное, не получается смотреть видео...(((((
Spooky Project: Also the truck doesn't depress when the bear is on it.... At all
SkellionPowalskiz: One of the best Castlevanias. Call me a dirty casual, but the jumping mechanics of the NES Castlevanias were just plain awful and made the game needlessly difficult. Not to mention just being slower than freak in general and taking hits from enemies that are way too fast.
Artem Kim: Сжальтесь подарите такой же, плизз
mpnl21: Amazing, thanks!!! And what a collection ^^
Cody Hicks: Really good job mate I do same recovery mods