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The Gamer Forge: Bumblebee is only they old camaro for the whole game and then he is the new one in transformers Roft
Батя Петрович: Ахахпхах. Школа наполнена аутистами.
That Pasta Girl: I just realised..
There's an E + E on the tree..
And it means..
Evelyn + Edward..
Awwww :D

Richard Skola: The gold convertible looks very familiar. Is this the one that was known as the golden Hudson that was damaged by fire at one point? If so, it used to live here, in Utah.
XxNOxREGRETxX: Well I didn't kno playstaion had A and B Buttons on the controllers -_-
David Stevenson: A trick when your cutting flush up to something to prevent marring of another part like the can strap, is to hammer the set of the teeth of the blade flat or as flat as possible so it doesn't scratch the shine or plating off.
Rolly Dandy Cordero: Native pa ang manok ba, namit na tinola