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Grim Reaper: I feel proud because I'm from the town where they make Corvettes
thatV4guy: Steve Kleva is freaking insane haha squatting 315 no handed.
Star Monroe. Body Wisdom Therapist.: Girls - you have come so far!!! I am loving a) what you have done with your outfits b) what you have done with the routine. You are in time with each other, its fun, cheeky, full of life and you have left me wanting so much MORE!!!! xxx
394rb: @warriordiscus7 of course you can..I'm in university and have a gotten a few compliments on this already...100% recommended
William schmidt: Nice truck
Felix Nater: I am an Infinity fanatic.
Arvin Einstein: hey man...can`t you like zoom in more with the telescope...or is this the maximum?