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StickKing18: The pre-pached version has been taken down.
AKMD __: first comment?
Delvion Ewing: Sin cara is the BEST
Keyboard: http://ali.pub/1jnq9l
keyboard module: http://ali.pub/1jnq72
screwdrivers set : http://ali.pub/1geuh0
spudgers set : http://ali.pub/1gesj7
Keyboard: - USA, https://goo.gl/uMUJw9 - UK
keyboard module: https://goo.gl/aPUV8c - USA, https://goo.gl/WGflFS - UK
screwdrivers set : https://goo.gl/lTYqmM - USA, https://goo.gl/hKDJCt - UK
spudgers set : https://goo.gl/AR9kUK - USA, https://goo.gl/DeSl0S - UK

kiwinator2511: top 3 shows 4.. lawl
Donets: Тыкваголовый майдаун дозвездился.
Jon Mcclane: Do the 750 comes with a Container? when i look on the website, no Container is listed as being in the box? https://www.vitamix.ca/shop/Professional-Series-750-ca.aspx