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GooNiES31563: I have this watch, didn't pay nothing for it my boss and I were cleaning outta garage and I spotted this watch and he said I can have it
C D Kennedy: Hello David, I been a fan of your loading techniques for years. I'm not a competition shooter but I do hunt and I'm a firm believer in lubricated bullets It just make sense to do so given the physical properties of what's happening when bullet meets bore. I've benefited from the use of moly in both accuracy and less fouling, but I'm always looking and open for something new and better. I know this boron nitride has been around for awhile and I don't know why I haven't made the switch yet. But here's my question.. when I apply moly not only do I prep the bullets and wax them, but also I prep my case necks and the rifle bore with the stuff as well to aid in uniform bullet release, and to also aid in moly build up as we know it takes a few to get the desired burnished build up to see its benefits. That said would it benefit to prep everything as I mentioned with this boron nitride? I'm curious....old habits die hard, but this boron nitride maybe the ticket and I'm looking forward to the switch.
Camracer R: I enjoyed the video. The only problem is that "pterodactyl is spelled incorrectly.
gazzxr: brb i go sell my house and buy this.
Devan Cross: which xbox 360 or one???