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Rolandomio Travel: cool video!
ProTech: Ребята! Чуть не забыл! 15 бесплатных минут в сервисе по изучению языков Cambly для подписчиков канала ProTech - https://www.cambly.com/invite/arvizami0
j: how did you wire it so that when you switch off it saves the kilometres??
Untherapier bar: stan lutscht schwänze
Greg Walker: holes in the fuller? why, for heavens sake.. should have stopped while they were still ahead. otherwise very attractive....omg $400!
at this price, i am going to buy sebenzas and inkosas until the cows come home...get outta heah!

Yunus emre Yıldırım: İyi gittin de sonunda sıçtın 😂
Bbufkinator: Man this takes me back. Minecraft back then.... its so much prettier now lol