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Harmony _: I grew up in the south (I live in Hawaii now) we could totally be best friends. Nail polish and sweet tea! Count me in. Great videos by the way!
Isaac Watkins: red items are contraband. you can sell them to smugglers and get big profits
Filipe Costa: thx :)
ゆぅペンシルぱる: a-4の方観ましたか?そっちの方が凄いですよ!
IceMoose3: whats going to happen with Windows phones in the future since ther not making anymore windows after windows 10
David Rivera: like if you want to get gta5 in the pita
Jami Cassidy: It is funny that some Digimon are different types in Digimon World 3 / 2003 card game. As you mentioned, Goburimon is Fire, and Ogremon is Dark, here. In Digimon World 3, they are both Fire.