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Amaan Allen: Oh my gosh that was awesome
Okay Turnip: Is it just me or does banes vehicle look like a power miners set
mashawn ford: how old are you in this video
ocelot rsx: hey man i have a 2010 gx460 and i hav a set of 22" bentchi b7s but the center circle on the vehicle is way bigger than the 1 on the bentchi's is their any way i can still put them on?
HillbillyFromTheMountain 92: found mw polar tuna salad in a can in a box with a folding spoon months ago in supply at bargain outlet grocery they buy out over stock and other items and sell them.. been looking to see if anyone did any review on polar tuna salad but i haven't found any just your review on there canned tuna by itself i do like the polar tuna salad it has these in as Ingredients are tuna meat,water, red kidney bean, sweet corn, onion,long red pepper,vinegar,tomato paste,sugar,salt,modified starch thickining agent (E412) and spices product of thailand
WHTKD PRINCETON TRUST GRADY: 11250 w Harrison Avondale az 85322
J-masterLegend: Sounds like my kind of game.