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Dax Michael: i find for the fin funnels on my nu kit , the way to tighten them is by working the double joint system by where you push it towards the middle part on a 90degree angle. best way to tighten them if not painting is by adding a top coat over the whole kit , makes the kit sturdier and less toy-y lol especially with all the water slides and panel lines added
Anna Nevison: Scummer !!!!!!
High Middle Lo: this is almost like wildfire worlds its like almost the same feel.... ha but this seems way better xD
MAX KAWS: LOL at 41:26 force staff.
Fullmetal1890P: How are you keeping a straight face when saying "Nukem Rubs"?
Guilherme Galambas: New Cyber Dragon Deck profile for summer 2016?
จ๊ะจ้า ปากดวง: น่ารักอยู่นะ