Tiny 4' Subwoofers Hit 25hz!! Great Box = Great Results

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Tiny 4
Tiny 4" Subwoofers hit 25hz!! Great box = Great results
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Big Bass Small Space
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Cheap 6 ich subs tested on a high performance box! only 200watts!!!
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Γιάννης Φιλιππουπολίτης: WTF

Der Lennox: 1:20

SUPER GIRL CATOM: Best Woofer Ever Its Super Strong

Dylan Verkler: But some BOSE in there. Shatter the windows 😂😂

Staliy TV: freak, im the only one

Chris Horton: This video is complete garbage. I do pro competitions in my Tahoe there is no way in he'll that those little 4 inch so called subs can produce that much air the port makes up more than the subs plus the box looks like 3.5 cubic ft those subs don't flex near enough for that plus if you don't believe me build your own just like it use the same subs I bet you won't get the results he had there wouldn't be any air comming out cause the free air resonance is not even half of the box so good day

Mimi Arumugam: those subs are gonna distort after a while

Denilson Correia: What

swampman gamer: This Gilbert and you a bitch


William WilliamM: Queers, show the subwoofer not all you knuckleheads!!!

rodeo o: the rule is size vs volume,,,,,size of your subs are small, but you need a big box,,,,the opposite bigger sub smaller enclosure,,,,,nothing magic about it,,,,,,

Kiwi: Yes cool speakers but show us the sub that is hidden under:))

Tadesan: Car bass audio is such an interesting group of people trying to do highly technical things with zero technical training... It's like if bartenders went home and performed biochemistry for some reason... Oy! This ribosome is well wicked in't?!

ITz Chapado ツ: Br?

Connor Mcomish: I have the same subs

trap king le: WTF

BaSsAholiC: Some of these comments are so stupid... yeah he doesn't know what he is doing at all. He can only repair amplifiers which isn't easy and has been into car audio for years. Yeah... though you're right he doesn't know crap ha. Deedeedee. Also all that nonsense about how the subs are distorting... it's a video... bass always sounds distorted on video. Furthermore IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BOX. know what you're talking about before running your pickle sucker.

BASS TESTER 2004: The worst woofers for a car

Zachary Stevens: How many watts are you putting to the speakers?
Tiny 4" Subwoofers hit 25hz!! Great box = Great results 5 out of 5

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Γιάννης Φιλιππουπολίτης: WTF
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Tiny 4