My 1974 Turbo Vw Beetle

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Martin Padilla: Holly crap bro get rid of that piping looks like crap

The Modern Adventurer: Slowly step away from the welder sir 😂😂. Kidding, love this piece of ingenuity

steve pimentel: You need to as some NOS..can you build mine..

brozems: 1300 or 1600 ????

Anthony Murray: WOW........😱.........🤪 well at least you tried

Aziel Beltran: thats freaking awsome !!

KentexDamgaard: dude... just... dude... sigh*... listen, you obviously have access to youtube. why havent you looked up some videos of proper turbo-beetles? and welding too... i realize that there is a learning curve, but you just cant go and f** your engine up like that... seriously, i admire your persistance, and i think that you are going to be a great mechanic and fabricator some day. but for now, please take that non-functioning turbo off your classic car, and just straight-pipe it or something. you cant turbo a carburettor by pressurizing it like you have done. it has to be a draw-through type setup for that carb to work with that turbo... and the exhaust has to be not leaking, and needs to have flow...

Russ Souza: no problem can always change things as you learn .its just that you get more boost .and better running engine when you use the draw through method I'm installing a turbo in my 914 2.0 custom build myself ..I give you credit for trying .just change a few things and you should buy a real turbo header so you will have better exhaust pressure for optimum performance and you still can fit it under your rear hood luck to you ..

Russ Souza: Karl you didn't do your turbo. set up need to have your carberator feeding the intake side of turbo and the compressed air fuel go to the intake runners ..that's why your not getting the .most power from your turbo because you didn't set up your turbo right ..and you need to make a oil return line to go to the valve cover instead of your oil fill ..drill a hole and get a proper braided line and fitting for your set up ...then you will have real power ..they make 2brl and 4 brll carburater manifolds for these set ups

Karl Heinrichs: this was a fun project no doubt. I'm going to turbo my daily car now but not for a while, that will be fun🤣

ET_ Builds: " I'm probably not running any boost " 😂😂😂

Dan B: Use what you learned and throw that junk away and redo all of it. This is how you learn.....but you have to learn from it for it to matter much.

freezerburn04: Jesus Christ bro

Daniel Bates: dude ur such a damn idiot! ur bug deserves better

Shane R: valve adjustments are only important if youre running poorly. A good running motor can go 15-20k miles without adjustments.

Shane R: please take video of it running

Shane R: hey the rock plate, also known as the breast plate tin, is to prevent the cooling fan from scooping up hot air when you at speed. it will actually cause you to run hot if its missing

Shane R: that carb vacuum port that your using is throwing your timing off.

Shane R: the advance hose going to distributor should come out the port on the drivers side of the carb, not the rear facing port.

Shane R: holy cow dude. that carb isnt going to like being pressurized, it will drop the accel nozzle, blow out the rubber parts etc. 2 barrel italian carb with turbo prep will work much better. also if you cap your heater ducts on the fan shroud you won't overheat. Also, dont use trampoline pipe!!! that craps galvanized and your inhaling it when welding on it. totally poisoned yourself.
my 1974 turbo vw beetle 5 out of 5

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Olivia Morton: My sister has this and she has a shark lift away
Martin Padilla: Holly crap bro get rid of that piping looks like crap
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my 1974 turbo vw beetle