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Undertakerfan70: This car looks amazing. Would a person who's 6'7 (200cm) fit in the driver seat?
BlueonGoldZ: Hi. I just bought this watch and the website said it was unidirectional on the bezel but it only seems to rotate counter clock-wise. Do you know anything about this with the Aquis only being one directional?
CptStankFanger: That looks like a ton of fun
James Thompson: what a waste of 4 minutes, sorry
sur5er61: Really enjoy your videos dude. Just for informational purposes tho, your pack is not a large, it's a medium.
The large pack has 2 pouches above the row of three, and that also makes the large approximately 8"taller.
Also, to solve the leakage problem, they made a liner for the main compartment, rubber coated nylon on the outside and nylon on the inside. (16 yr military vet)
But, I have the same pack, and will watch all of your videos to see all the mods.
You really do a good job keeping it real. God bless

The Hat Thieves Guild: good man danny, repp'in the green
Handler Rezei: Is it good for recording?

How to build DODGE CHARGER 1969 Как собрать Лего самоделка Додж Чарджер Инструкция