Siri Vs. Cortana Vs. Google Now - Who Is Better?

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Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana
Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana
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Google Assistant vs Siri! (2016)
Siri vs. Cortana vs. Google Now - Who Is Better?
Siri vs. Cortana vs. Google Now - Who Is Better?
Google Assistant vs Cortana! (2017)
Google Assistant vs Cortana! (2017)

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rdzRicardo Rodriguez: Google and Siri

onlysued: Siri was slowest in most of these (usually is). Cortana nailed it and had personality too. Google was a quiet but close & accurate second.

The overtime gamers: 1- Siri
2- Google
3- cortana

The Mujtaba: cortana is better all of them

L Cucch: they all seem to work well within a few moments of each other. but there is one major diference that was not attempted. while driving cortana will read back a text to you for clarification before sending it which means you don't have to look at the screen or send typos. Google just asks if it's right which means I have to look and see before I send it or send a typo, either way my eyes come off the road.

syed mohiuddin: cortana is best

Trial And Error: Siri is much better

Danish Kambar: Bm

Jill medran0: cortana is the funniest

Batman Boy 44750: I think the others were better than Siri

King YT: I think Siri won this match

topseeker kim: Cortana is the best, this assistant was overall package, even it just only a beta but it rocks, compare it to Google and Siri? Duh both of them are lose. Sorry Apple and Android you've been beat by newbie assistant. You're so dumb. Like Omg, both Apple and Android are old and professional in industry but having Cortana nowadays was a big advantage. Cortana was/is a STAR! Microsoft/ Windows are great in PC and phones even in assistant robot.

omkar kulkarni: siri is best n fast too bt cortana is good for personal chats.

tzutari: the only time Cortana 'won the race' so to speak, was the joke.

Amaya Aryanna: android

McKenna Wuajaja: No one ever uses that anyway

Darwin Lemon: This isn't gonna make everybody give up what they have and go get an iphone. So does it really matter?

flashevol flayor: technology

Tonio K.: Cortana should speed more if U use the phone as same spec

James Grant IV: 1-Google now 2- siri 3- cortina
Siri vs. Cortana vs. Google Now - Who Is Better? 5 out of 5

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rdzRicardo Rodriguez: Google and Siri
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Siri vs. Cortana vs. Google Now - Who Is Better?