Rod Strickland The Underdog

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Rod Strickland The Underdog
Rod Strickland The Underdog
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Louis Hamilton: If he had a consistent 'J', he would have been HELL!

Jazz Washington: it's uncanny how much kyrie's game resembles his

Michael Taylor: Kyrie Irving modelled his game on Strickland's. His Father was good friends with him and made sure young Irving followed in their NY street ball roots.

Jas Jellybean: I remember seeing that pass at 3:33 on nba action when I was in fifth grade. damn, one of the best ever made. terribly underrated player

Ernesto Caro: This brother was a real baller !!!! I used to love Washington Bullets/Wizards with him and C Webb 🏀

silver black: my favorite player back then ,loved him in DePaul ,then got drafted by my knicks . thought he was better then mark Jackson and should had started.

BrudderSheets: I see way more Jon wall than kyrie

Christian Rijos Madera: The All Underrated Team
Pg:Rod StricklandSg:Kevin Martin 2010-2011 seasonsf:Paul Piercepf:Horace GrantC:Patrick Ewing

Darrion Romulus: Yo I see so much of rod in kyrie as far as finishing.

Titan Blaximus: He's like a light skinned Rondo.

Hollis2Hollywood: My favorite player growing up.

Kaibil Balam: more highlights les bull crap would have made this video much much better

gambino hutch: Rod was tha best pro pearl was sum thing u never saw befor an was tha champ rod is gus n tha pearl rolled into one an they all wore 1

gambino hutch: Gus Williams Pearl Washington. Rod Strickland


Lo Long: crazy contact layups for a guard

bad3nergytroll: How can Trevor Ariza make an All-Star game, but this guy couldn't..

bryant arciniegas: Coaches and players did not like him for whatever reason. Just cause he had that NY attitude to him and was known for his hands being nice but damn regardless of that he was a good plauer. Him and kenny anderson

hammertime: backed up mark jackson, backed up terry porter, played on a good spurs team don't know if he or avery was the starter. he really got to show what he could do with the wizards he and c-webb. no other pg could finish around the rim like him. no one. d-rose reminds me of him around the rim with those creative winding layups. of course strick wasn't gone bang it like rose but still alot of similarities. 

Acaciastreet: i remember watching him play when i was a kid
Rod Strickland The Underdog 5 out of 5

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Louis Hamilton: If he had a consistent 'J', he would have been HELL!
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Rod Strickland The Underdog