MASSIVE Bluray & 4K Update W/ Reviews (60+ Titles) 06/14/17 | BLURAY DAN

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MASSIVE Bluray & 4K Update w/ Reviews (60+ Titles) 06/14/17   BLURAY DAN
MASSIVE Bluray & 4K Update w/ Reviews (60+ Titles) 06/14/17 BLURAY DAN
Bluray & 4K Ultra HD Update (07/28/17)   BLURAY DAN
Bluray & 4K Ultra HD Update (07/28/17) BLURAY DAN
BIG Bluray Update - Hacksaw Ridge 4K Bluray Unboxing - Snow Day   BLURAY DAN
BIG Bluray Update - Hacksaw Ridge 4K Bluray Unboxing - Snow Day BLURAY DAN
The HUNT for 4K Bluray on July 4th 2017 - 4K UHD UPDATE
The HUNT for 4K Bluray on July 4th 2017 - 4K UHD UPDATE

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HorrorFan34: Great job on the update Dan!

David S: Hey Dan, keep up the great work with the weight loss. I think it's fantastic how dedicated you are and it is really showing. Great video as usual!

Goulding's Game Room: Keep it up Dan massive fan and congrats on the weight loss

Ryan mccormick: Watched The Shack. This movie really hit home for me. We lost my mother in January due to Congestive Heart Failure and Pneumonia. Then we lost our pet cat last month to cancer. They were like a sister

Jake MacDonagh: XxX: Return of Xander Cage is a guilty pleasure masterpiece!

Blu-ray Benn: Hey Danny, awesome update as always!
As you know, I also love war films, will have to check out Mine and Operation Mekong for sure! Ddefinitely gonna have to pick up the live action Beauty and the Beast, I really enjoyed it in the cinema. That edition of The Revenant is amazing, so jealous!
Love those Godfather slips!
Always love seeing your pick ups! Have a great weekend over there in NY!

ZiggyTheOtaku: Hi Dan Yea you did show hacksaw ridge on dvd & Bluray combo pack
so many movies I need logan I didn't watch the film however I'm planing to get buy it soon :>
and I'm planning to buy Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 I haven't seen the film at the movie theaters
butts I've been wanting to see the second sequel really really bad

Nerdy Josh: Dude such an awesome update! I bet Ex Machina looks amazing in 4k, I need a 4k tv like yesterday haha

Brandon Condron: I'm sorry about your Dog man. Dogs are family. I want to watch Maggie sooner or later, because i know you really enjoy it. I was curious about After Math...that's to bad you didn't like it. "If he dies, he dies". I myself got Beauty and the Beast on Bluray love the slip cover on it! Dude i love The Founder....just such a entertaining film. Oscar Issac is one of my favorite actors and i feel like many people don't know about him. I'm glad i do. Yeah boy, Talk Movies With Us! Liked & Shared man! Love your videos!

haarp2012: So, so sorry to hear the sad news about Oreo. That's the only real drawback about having a dog/cat/whatever else pet in your life is when they die. I know exactly how crapty that feels. And it is a real bereavement; anybody who says otherwise has never had a pet in their life whom they loved. It's like losing one of your own family.

But remember this; you gave Oreo a truly fabulous life (all regular viewers of your channel know how much you loved that dog), and without you, Oreo may well not have had such a good life. That thought might seem like small comfort at the moment, and I understand that because I've been there, but keep it in mind for the future when you think about Oreo when the grief isn't as sharp as it is now.

BTW, that weight loss is showing, keep it up! Plus you've given me some incentive to do likewise as I too need to shed some (okay, a lot!) excess pounds.

Take care, mate.

TehPoptartKid: Hey Dan. Sorry about your dog, dude. :( Check out Fifth Element when you can. It's such a good movie. Also, if you want to hunt down a movie, try getting Nerdland. It's from the studio Titmouse. I highly recommend it. :)

Jovan Nathaniel Jie: Hey man, great video update man! Railroad Tigers was really entertaining! And also sorry to hear about your dog.

BigAL1982: Epic haul as always mate, so many beautiful slips looking like 4k releases are having slipcases on every release. Just saw beauty and the beast know what u mean about the beast I didn't like the face on mrs Potts aswell original animated looked so much better. Hope all is well mate keep the vids coming

Cassie Hill: "Look at his head" 😂😂 Great video Dan, great pick ups 👍🏻👏🏻

Chris Jones: love the video. if you dont mind what kind of camera and editing software do you use thinking about starting my own channel thanks a lot again enjoyed the video

Talk Movies With Us: We were really close to picking up Aftermath, glad we held off but we may pick it up for that awesome slipcover! Mine definitely sounds interesting. The Cgi in Beauty and the Beast seemed a little funny to Us too. That Revenant exclusive is a beauty. Gotta love Saturday night fever! It's a classic! Loved the new Dredd! hoping we get a sequel. xXx! ridiculously awesome haha. DUDE! Thanks so much for the shoutout! Another awesome update Dan! a ton of awesome titles!!

Bluckers Videos and Collectibles: great update bro! so many titles! so many movie! ahhhhh!

CoolMoeDea21: My favorites of this collection are probable Rogue One and Saturday Night Fever and The Fifth Element. I say that mostly because they're among the few titles presented in this video that I've actually seen not to mention I'm a huge Star Wars fan.

Bobby Lepire: Awesome video, some great movies there!

"Unforgiven" is bloody amazing! "Dredd" is kickass! "Ex Machina" is miraculous!

I hope you are well!

Cody Cooper: Great update!
MASSIVE Bluray & 4K Update w/ Reviews (60+ Titles) 06/14/17 | BLURAY DAN 5 out of 5

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HorrorFan34: Great job on the update Dan!
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UK Tony: Just bought myself a selection of auger bits at a car boot fair and need to know how to sharpen them. Enjoyed your first video.

MASSIVE Bluray & 4K Update w/ Reviews (60+ Titles) 06/14/17 | BLURAY DAN