Friend Code: Nintendo's Year In Review 2017

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Dlinkzy HD Vlogs: Hi👦👦👦👦👦

Starius65: that is not how i imagined ash looked.

Atomized: Mario Kart 8 is inferior to Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed in every way. I don't understand the support that game gets.

b: My favorite Zelda story is probably the Oracle games. I know they're not even by Nintendo, but that's probably why their stories are actually kind of cool :P

Vyse195: 2017 was good, but I'm so ready for Fire Emblem and Octopath Traveller in 2018.

ChungLing Su: Mike getting sweaty over zelda's ass.... uh who cares, some fans? Where did you pull that out of?

Ragnaruq: timecode for xenoblade is miss-typed

DoombotBL: 180 hours in Xenoblade 2, I understand the frustration about the battle system, it's pretty complicated but man it's rewarding once you get it. The blades system is phenominal too, I just wish there were more overdrives since it's pretty important to get certain types of blades on the right character. Healer for healer etc. The story is great too, I love it. Worth getting into.

Simply Ecks: I love Friend Code and including Ash from my other favorite channel GameXplain!

Cross: Problem is once them big 3rd party games drop Nintendo switch won't look Soo good. I mean we ain't getting a new Zelda anytime soon so look forward to ports, I mean when red dead 2 and many other high profile games come's gonna be hard for Nintendo to have a repeat of success like this year. Like sure they got a Pokemon, u know smash will be there sooner or later but they didn't even get monster Hunter world....sure there is a lot of games on the switch, but if u take out all the ports and old games, ur not talking about much...not to mention the paid online is coming, we still got that crap party chat system. Does the switch even do Netflix yet? Like u know what will secure Nintendo's future...put all their legacy games in the e-store, let ppl own their games like how steam does it. Ur gonna upgrade ur rig but ur profile and games are yours to move to the next. Microsoft is trying to get there but come on it's not hard for Nintendo to put their history on the e-store

DylanG0125: I didnt know Ash (though I do watch GameXplain every now and then) and I have to say, really really liked his part. Definately have Ash over more.

GinjaNinjaGamer: Dude! This is like universe's colliding! Gamexplain x Easy Allies! Crazy world we live in lol

I G: Now do one for Microsoft.

David Kenseth: Seemed like Kyle never got a chance to talk, but I appreciate the podcast Damiani!

Simtopia 23: 19:00 I remember there was also NAND flash memory shortage because of Toshiba

Korey Guthrie: fantastic guest! really liked the discussions you guys had. also i have to agree wholeheartedly about the nintendo directs. they have been great this year.

Leon Tartovsky: Can't disagree enough with them on Samus Returns. It was way superior to that fan game and Axiom Verge. But hey to each his own.

Balkhazzar Gaming: Geez Damiani, let your guests talk once in a while. :D

drd7of14: FYI Damiani: Doom and Rocket League's ports are both handled by a different developer from their respective games. The dev's name is Panic Button.

Suraimu S: Best friend code episode yet, keep it up Damiani.
Friend Code: Nintendo's Year in Review 2017 5 out of 5

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Dlinkzy HD Vlogs: Hi👦👦👦👦👦
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Friend Code: Nintendo's Year in Review 2017