BattleBlock Theater - Level Music #2

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Blake Hobbs: This kinda sounds like the steam gardens in odyssey

Teeny Warrior _: The cylinder heads just like "Haaaah im onna kiiilll youuu!"

ツツThemasterlucariofan: whenever i hear this song i try to do the level as fast as possible. just to put a suitable scene to the song (srry for bad english)

Masilator: Sounds kinda like music from spongebobs: Lights! Camera! Pants! Game

cool man: the music in this game was so freaking unique, i loved it.

3C OLD Archive: Cyli: "Hahaha! Look at Circ's face!"
Pyromid: "Me and froggie, we be awezome. Yeah, that's right."
Cubiodman: "Get out of my way Circ, or I'll roast you with a fireball."
Circ: "I'm surrounded by idiots. WHY ME!?!?!?!!"
Will Stamper: "... deep sigh ... how dreadfully boring this place is..."

Lily Brown: It sounds like I'm watching an Old timey Movie, but the room is Slipping around in time, Mixing with other sounds that cause odd changes. I like that

Snortle Nose: This reminds me of that one Monsters INC level on the PlayStation 2. I think it's a playground level. Non-the-less, great tune!

a very sexy cheeto: perfect music for unboxing in sc:go/tf2

Vengeful Snake: this song would be perfect to a bunch of funny crap i saw

Talking Sandvich: Kinda reminds meow a type of industrial factory.
Either that or I've been playing too much or Civ 5 and Civ Rev 2

Vacuum Sadness: 666 likes

GingerbreadMac: MY FAVOURITE TRACK!!

TSG TwoandRampage: I imagine DK dancing to this. probably the bogos

Starblax: D E B L O B B O Y Z
Seriously, this is literally a mix between DeBlob2 and Portal.

Toxic Ma: The roaches and spiders are coming out of their holes and!!

Business Burd: Circle head looks so damn serious like, "why did you bring me into this" serious.

Enrique Estrada: love the music and the game

Cão Adamastor: music name { Rare }

Lebko: Intense....
BattleBlock Theater - Level Music #2 5 out of 5

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Charles Roucher: Thanks for taking time to make that video. However, I have one question: is there any sort of shoulder strap included or anything that brings some sort of support?
Blake Hobbs: This kinda sounds like the steam gardens in odyssey
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ScotchAndBlackMetal: I was looking for a good compromise between flats and rounds. I like the feel and woody, thumping cleans of flats, but when I play with gain I prefer the sound of rounds. Looks like these may be the ticket - and they come in short scale!
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BattleBlock Theater - Level Music #2