BattleBlock Theater - Level Music #2

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Carolyn Blackwell: this my fav next to secret song

Chief Mr. Mojo Risin' 45: Who's here from Raccooneggs

Aleksandra Grabowska: Kto zna te grę i w nią gra ja i jestem na lvl. 7

Blake Hobbs: This kinda sounds like the steam gardens in odyssey

Teeny Warrior _: The cylinder heads just like "Haaaah im onna kiiilll youuu!"

ツツThemasterlucariofan: whenever i hear this song i try to do the level as fast as possible. just to put a suitable scene to the song (srry for bad english)

Masilator: Sounds kinda like music from spongebobs: Lights! Camera! Pants! Game

cool man: the music in this game was so freaking unique, i loved it.

3C OLD Archive: Cyli: "Hahaha! Look at Circ's face!"
Pyromid: "Me and froggie, we be awezome. Yeah, that's right."
Cubiodman: "Get out of my way Circ, or I'll roast you with a fireball."
Circ: "I'm surrounded by idiots. WHY ME!?!?!?!!"
Will Stamper: "... deep sigh ... how dreadfully boring this place is..."

Lily Brown: It sounds like I'm watching an Old timey Movie, but the room is Slipping around in time, Mixing with other sounds that cause odd changes. I like that

Snortle Nose: This reminds me of that one Monsters INC level on the PlayStation 2. I think it's a playground level. Non-the-less, great tune!

a very sexy cheeto: perfect music for unboxing in sc:go/tf2

Vengeful Snake: this song would be perfect to a bunch of funny crap i saw

Talking Sandvich: Kinda reminds meow a type of industrial factory.
Either that or I've been playing too much or Civ 5 and Civ Rev 2

Vacuum Sadness: 666 likes

GingerbreadMac: MY FAVOURITE TRACK!!

TSG TwoandRampage: I imagine DK dancing to this. probably the bogos

Starblax: D E B L O B B O Y Z
Seriously, this is literally a mix between DeBlob2 and Portal.

Toxic Ma: The roaches and spiders are coming out of their holes and!!

Business Burd: Circle head looks so damn serious like, "why did you bring me into this" serious.
BattleBlock Theater - Level Music #2 5 out of 5

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Zack Kilgore: At 0:50 to 0:51 is my chair an I don't know how to work it
Carolyn Blackwell: this my fav next to secret song
Renny Phipps: I had heard some good reports about this show but burping, phones ringing all the time and old mate sucking on his ciggie was just too much for anyone customer or not. I will not trouble you again
Nathan Kemp: Trotting
سجاد محمد كريم: Nice Unboxing Zalzar!!
Garth Vader: I just got a 2011 autobahn GTI and I got hosed on the wheels and I need to take the update to fix keyless entry. It's only got 61k and I love it. I didn't realize I got the Autobahn edition until I saw this video. 61k...2011 autobahn was what I was looking for. I don't have the Detroits, I got stuck with curb checked golf wheels. I want my Detroits.
David Erby: Jesus this guy makes me wanna take a nap.

BattleBlock Theater - Level Music #2