Sully Reviewed By Mark Kermode

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Sully reviewed by Mark Kermode
Sully reviewed by Mark Kermode
Sully - Movie Review
Sully - Movie Review
Tom Hanks interviewed by Simon Mayo
Tom Hanks interviewed by Simon Mayo
Sully - Review
Sully - Review
Sully -- Official Movie Review
Sully -- Official Movie Review

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Dan Frederiksen: The plane had plenty of energy to return to the airport. It was significant pilot error. Compounded by sickly americana greatly misguided patriotism and lack of integrity on the part of Sully.

blunty1: I didn't like this film. The actual flight scene was well executed, but the rest was like "trying to fill the space left".

Virgil Grissom: Mr. Eastwood is a great director.

pricklyphlox: No fake babies? :(

MrMakeDo: Totally agree that the crash investigators were cast as over-the-top panto villains when that's obviously not what real life is like. It was just a little hammy in parts but Hanks was brilliantly subtle. It often felt like they were dragging a very short story out into a feature length film. Good but not great.

sam soul: Fantastic direction from Clint E and the way he constructed the scenes I think I only noticed the green screen once, I found Tom Hanks' wife a little annoying in those few moments she had over the phone even though I like Laura L, I felt the same as Mark when the investigation started but the end of it made sense and explained perfectly why they were so aggressive with them, so on that I disagree with Mark, when you watch it you'll understand without any spoilers.

B1001 D: Want to see a much better movie than this thats also out at the moment. Go see Arrival. Now that is good.

Fine Wine Daily: My main problem is how wildly inaccurate the movie is. Everything involving the investigation is pure BS. Not once during the investigation did they think Sully was at fault in any way. Early on in the investigation they found that landing the plane in the Hudson was the only option. The computer simulators found that they could only make it back to an airport half the time if they turned back immediately, and could never make it back if they waited a realistic amount of time.

The sequences where they only use a human pilot and only wait a realistic amount of time at Sully's request is pure BS. They're not that incompetent.

Foghorn Films: "I would have done it in July!" Everyone laughs! Felt like an ending of Murder She Wrote!

circleofrage: 'flight' starring Denzel anyone...? i really liked that.

C S5: so many things about this trend for making movies out of recent(ish) news stories hack me off that I don't even know where to start. cringeworthy.

Pithy Plinth: I'd probably watch it... if I didn't ever have to fly again.

Edward Chester: The talk of the overdramatisation and twisting of the truth is intriguing given the current post-truth political climate. It was a major complaint I had about American Sniper and I think it is a genuine problem that shouldn't be dismissed simply because it's done for the sake of making a better story.

jd899: Sully was the surprise film at the London Film Festival and I agree with the comments here it was a solid piece of film making. Not unremarkable as the good doctor would say but overall an entertaining 90 minutes. The last line of the film was particularly funny.

Jack1138: Should have called it 'Plane Sailing'!

Michael Burke: It's funny you mention this, in the Air Crash Investigation version of the accident the NTSB were - initially - blaming Sully and the crew. It was turned up a bit in that documentary as well.

Lucien WD: I thought this was the worst film of the year. A story that didn't deserve a feature film, a character too genuine to structure a narrative around and some profoundly dull filmmaking from the profoundly unimaginative Eastwood.

MrPicklerwoof: I sometimes wish Mark would just open up both barrels on Eastwood's directing skills. I know he wants to. I always get the feeling he's being as diplomatic as possible.

Of course, some young directors get a little carried away with trying to shoot films in unique ways, and 'no nonsense' can work with certain film subjects, but Eastwood is so moribund you might as well just leave a camera in a room and tell the actors to take turns saying their lines then leave.

His films are always flat. Some of them are saved by a great script (Unforgiven) but I rank him very low as a director. One of those weird Hollywood anomalies of the last 40 odd years in my opinion.

Loved him as an actor though.

Johnny Gilling: Aaron Eckhart is still alive? That's nice.

c burner: i really liked this. just a no-frills, solid piece of work
Sully reviewed by Mark Kermode 5 out of 5

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Dan Frederiksen: The plane had plenty of energy to return to the airport. It was significant pilot error. Compounded by sickly americana greatly misguided patriotism and lack of integrity on the part of Sully.
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Sully reviewed by Mark Kermode