Review: Samsung Series 5 - NP530U3C Ultrabook

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Abdullah Nur: the old youtube layout...

pauljohn0001: When replacing the hdd to ssd, do I still need to reinstall os? Because the os is on the flash memory ssd correct me if I'm mistaken.

Hefs: Hi Jim, You mentioned the replacement the platter hard drive with an SSD. Can you please tell me a bit more in description like which brand SSD you managed to fit in this ultra book. Thanks

Geraldo Costa Júnior: Hey Jim, I have the exact same model, with 8gb of RAM and 500gb HDD plus 24GB SSD Cache. It's pretty fast. I wonder if upgrading to a full SSD drive would improve speed and performance significantly. Btw, do you still have this laptop?

Bart Egan: In your opinion what upgrades should I perform based on your experience.

Bart Egan: Sorry 24 gb I am thinkin gof buying a secondhand one but would like to upgrade the SSD

Bart Egan: Can the 32gb ssd be up graded?

Samir El Mahi: How long  does the battery take in work by hours?

Tangonautha: Hello! Thank you very much by the note! I wanted to ask you to recommend  me some ultrabook for video editing, I'm about to make a journey of several months in different parts of the world, and wanted to take a notebook that were suitable for video editing I will do during the trip with the material I´ll be filming on the way, for me it is important to be as light as possible and also not too expensive because of the risk involved in this travel. From already thank you very much!

Dominic Star: Can anyone help me pick? Dual core I3 3217u with intel hd 4000 1.8 ghz(this), or quad core amd a6 1450 1 ghz with radeon hd 8250 (ativ book lite 9) which would run games faster?

JimsReviewRoom: Oh, and Amit, I built my computer. i7 3.4ghz. 16gb ram. 128ssd. nvidia 680gtx are the basics. Keep in mind, for rendering, a fast processor is best. For video editing in real-time/scrubbing, a good graphics card. Lots of ram helps when working with many clips and programs simultaneously. They all work together. Hope that helps :)

JimsReviewRoom: Hi Amit. For video editing, you do need a dedicated graphics card and at least an i7 processor just to have a comfortable experience editing & rendering. So, I don't use this series 5 for any video editing. I use it as more of a personal computer to check my comments, youtube performance, email, and manage facebook. If you truly need a laptop to video edit instead of a desktop, I'd recommend going with a gaming laptop w/ at least 8gb of ram, an i7, and some sort of dedicated graphics card

Amit Chass: hey Jim, do you edit video on this machine? how is it for you and what do you edit with? if not, what laptop would you reccomend for editing? will any i7 do?

JimsReviewRoom: For what I use it for, they're both really good. The i7 would of course be the best performance. If you're using only for email, web surfing, basic productivity and youtube/movie watching, the i5 is enough. The i7 is what i use for my video editing and tougher demanding jobs.

Quero Viajar: Hi, I'm helping my girlfriend to decide which ultrabook buy, and I found out the NP530U3C-A0KCN, that is pretty much the one you presents, but with Core i7 instead of Core i5. Did you hear about this one? do you think is a good buy? tks in advance!

The Dudess: That's good to know! Thanks!

JimsReviewRoom: Sorry about that Kat. I did take out the HD and swapped for a slim profile SSD. Supports the change and a world of difference.

The Dudess: I'm sorry, i didn't understand it very well, did you change the HD for a SSD? Does it support this change?
Review: Samsung Series 5 - NP530U3C ultrabook 5 out of 5

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Abdullah Nur: the old youtube layout...
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Review: Samsung Series 5 - NP530U3C ultrabook