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MovingNsilence 42018: DB is way underrated...
andy brisman: howd you know there was gonna be a jetpack there at 12:21
mellowoon: After getting used to the pacing on one piece I think it actually suits it. it builds up the plot and epicness and turns it into 1 epic climax. However there are times when the episode is actually too slow for the amount of story they put in. I loved this episode!
Diana Nightdeep: Sheo: Zjemy świnkę?
md rabka ansari: i have a 3 visa gift card if any buyer wants to buy this card in half pric elet me know
Mbs Electronics: Друзья, публиковал статью об этом методе на своем сайте. Читайте, комментируйте! http://musbench.com/3d/bf2_print.html
Ольга Дидеева: Вау !

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