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David Copenhaver: Okay people, b pipes are another name for catalytic converters and long tube headers delete the cats. Unless you reposition them do to your state requiring them on all street vehicles. Best question is if there was any fitment issues as far as space goes. Was it straight plug and play minus the welding at the Y pipe?
Jose Cortes: o wow I did not see nothing special
Cacktar: I personally like Yarin the yoyo specialist
Dayana Rios: does this work for a sprint unlocked galaxy s4 trying to get to work with cricket wireless
Sultan Erlik: HOLA!
Kritsana Latmee: ยังรับบริจากอยู่ไหมคะ จะส่งไปให้ มีทั้งตุ๊กตา และกระเป๋านักเรียน เยอะมาก
carebarehair: I managed to get one of these in an Ebay auction for £83. It took 2 weeks to arrive from China and I can't fault it - It's quick, looks great, excellent camera's and good GPS - I'm just getting used to it but love it - I wish I knew how to root it though.

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