El Generico (MASKED) Debuts On NXT!!!!!!

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Brandon Reisman: RIP

Willox: i thought el generico was helping orphans

kruunk1: The fans were chanting Olé. They knew El Generico when they saw El Generico without being told who he was. True rasslin fans

Max Ma,: This is sami first match

Tyler Bate: El Generico (Sami Zayn)

SuperGoku_5: Everybody Making Same Damn Joke just To tell people Who Don't Know El Generico Was Gimmick Of Sami Zayn In ROH So That's Why They Are Making Jokes

jumping the smark: The golden days of nxt.

VLrain Libosen: He totally copied a Mexican wrestler names El generico

Mr. Anonymous: 1:10 What are these subtitles.

PLUX4: Back when Bo Dallas was taken seriously.

SigmaTV: Bo Dallas got the ultimate burial that day.

Randy Bautista: Ridiculous! And what are you going to claim next: that Kevin Steen & Kevin Owens are the same person?!? They have different last names!!!

Leet TV: wwe should put him back under a mask

KiraZ: Gimmick Infringment

I can't believe Sami would just try to rip el Generico off, smh

Bork Laser: Hi Sami

Elmonito King: Like the original one

Elmonito King: Guys el genérico is zamy zayn

HASE: idk why ppl keep saying sami is el generico...He doesn't look anything like him.

Ryan Nitro: That's not even an El Generico mask lmao

El Idolo: That's not even El Generico's mask! That's El Local's mask
El Generico (MASKED) Debuts on NXT!!!!!! 5 out of 5

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Brandon Reisman: RIP
Damian Sierra: No era necesario un video tannnn largo...
Fabrizio Forte: 20 mins is edited, go freak myself!!!
Ilker Dogan: Gutes Video weiter so
mark shirley: is slog easy to grade and how was viewing the LCD in daylight.
joão victor: Ai Vei Mais Bixo Trava Muito

El Generico (MASKED) Debuts on NXT!!!!!!