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honeyeh K: OMG! I don't have any version! TT I want them all :(

Unknown: Please give me!! :<<<< XD

Nurehsan Abd. Zabar: Looking back at this video and just chuckling how we were so naive to think that the full MADE album will be released a year ago AHAHAH xD

One of my favourite song from MADE series is Loser. Honestly, it's a very sentimental song and I just love it. I personally like sad songs and this song isn't just a typical heartbreak song. Maybe it's just me, but I think it kinda reflect Daesung's struggles after the "you know what" (based from reading the lyric translation so yea)

srmyinitials: I really like the M series but if I have to choose one, it'd be loser. Love taeyang's adlibs in live performances!

S to the Joy: I really like that you do mostly do BigBang related inbox ins because most Kpop you-tuber only do unboxing of newer and well-known kpop groups. I only discovert you recently but I do appreciate that you put so much effort in your videos.
My favorite song of the made series is Loser I think (it's just hard to choose because the songs are all so different from each other without being unauthentic) choosing a favorite song is for me personally depending on my mood

Rin E: There are a lot of songs but if I have to choose one, I will say bae bae❤️ because it was not like other bigbang songs and their lyrics was weird/new (chapssal dduck part 😂😂) also seungris part just made me melt..❤️and song in general is sooo good too so😊 I think its been more than a year but I still listen to it hehe 😊 Now I cant wait for their new songsss💕

jirosie: I want to say that my favourite song is loser because it was my first comeback with bigbang as a group! but I think I listen the most to let's not fall in love^^ I love the song so much and mv is just so beautiful! I love it when bigbang releases slower songs because they really help me to calm down, especially when I am stressed and I have a lot to do!

a.c.e's mom: So which version includes all the songs?

abby huynh: Im confused does every CD have one song each? or do they have all the songs on one CD?

4bier: Tbh at first i wasnt a fan of the white version because i thought that the small letters looked weird, but seeing them next to each other is so pretty

4bier: Hmmn the made series were really good, each month i was like okay this song is my new fave, but thats probably not how it works lol if i have to choose tho i would choose lets not fall in love as my fave OVERALL , mv, song, concept etc, they just look so happy in it and i wont lie it gives me feels, but all songs are really well produced, the outfits in loser and letsnotfallinlove are my faves, ugh idkkk i really have to have a mood for each song, i can listen to all of them, i also really like the sound of baebae, they experimented well with it

Shiny Dubu: Congrats for 1000 subscribers n 100000 views!!!!!😍😍💖 Like ur channel so much as i also love yg family hehe esp bigbang n u r v nice to ans our qs abt the albums😘 My favourite song in the album is zutter by GD n Top as the lyrics r so funny n uniquely written suitable for them. The beat n background music of zutter is awesome toooo cooooooolllll💓💕

Here i am: what's different between the letter M A D E?

Lam Tran: My favorite song is "Loser" - the very first song of MADE series. When I listened to it for the first time (actually with some translation from my friend), I cried. Somehow, it just feels like my situations, my life. =)))) I know this is lame :<<< This song encourages me alot, like every single day - listening to it and I have nicer thoughts about my life. It gives me such emotional feelings. Besides, this song shows that BIGBANG is normal, like me. They are also human, they also suffers from all the stress and harsh problems in life. That's why I need to live a better life, knowing that my idols are the same as me. Since they are all famous, they may (more or less) go through more difficult things than me, so I'll keep support them! :'>>>>
p/s: PLEASE DON'T USE THE RANDOM GENERATOR.......I would never get a chance with these random things :<<<< Please read each and pick the best one :<<<<

Kage no Hana: My favourite song from the album is Let's not Fall in Love, i think that it is a very sad but also sweet song and i can always listen to it, no matter in which mood i am. I really love the MV for this song, how at first everyone is happy & sweet in the video but at the end their sad facial expressions show that not everything is "all right". It gives me a bittersweet feeling.
(my second favourite song is Loser, it's a really catchy but sad song (and i sadly cant listen to it if im in a good mood, because it immediately makes me feel sad). The MADE album is actually my favourite album from bigbang :D)

Kim-Thi Do: Thanks for a great review of the MADE series! :D My favourite song is also Loser! It was the first song of the series and I was waiting for their next releases to top it but I still like it the best. Loser is very catchy and it relaxes me. The message of the song makes me feel emotional. Big Bang just wants people to know they are human beings too who get their feelings hurt sometimes and smile sometimes. I'm glad they were able to convey their experiences in such a beautiful song. This song encouraged me to endure my own problems and persevere in life, knowing that Big Bang is doing the same.They go through these struggles just like we do. Big Bang demonstrates their versatility as all the songs in the MADE series have their own feel, so they were all nice to listen to :)

rubiki an: wohh, my favorite song was Loser definitely, the song and the instrumental, it really hit my feels my vip feels, but also my most human feels, this is why music is art because no matter the language barrier or other circumstances it gives you all these actual real feelings... ahgg it's beautiful. then they released the clips of every member? and damn that killed me too. so loser .. is the.. winner for me hahah

rubiki an: i like your videos, so relaxing?? haha

Michelle Huynh: BANG BANG BANG is my favourite! It makes me wanna dance ! <3 ^^

thanks so much for all these videos! they're so helpful to know what to expect!!

LunaBooks19: I really like Loser. I'm new to Big Bang, and K-pop in general but Loser is the song I heard that made me want to listen to more of them!
[REVIEW] Bigbang - MADE Series 5 out of 5

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[REVIEW] Bigbang - MADE Series