Search Engines As Fast As Possible

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Search Engines As Fast As Possible
Search Engines As Fast As Possible
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Der Typ: All Bing users of the world disliked this video.

BloodRider 14: Hello Kitty fans. We're all one inside.

Zen-Oh Sama: Search engines are digital libraries accessed through SQL databases!!!

Unknown Student: Very good video.. But according to me is the best search engine. Just check this. We all knew it..

Jake Alex: is he a smoker?!

Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo: Anyone noticed that the ad or "sponsored content" is not the same in the video and in the description?

QuantumAvali: I will be honest, I still don't get why people hate Bing. I used to use Google, but got tired of all the problems like bugs and going through many different pages to find what I was looking for. When I decided to try Bing, I fell in love with it. I have never had a problem with Bing; ever. Anything that I was looking for was on the first or second page and never 10-50 pages down like with Google. I will even give a quick example of why I prefer Bing over Google. Since I make programs in C#, I need C# documentation to know what I'm doing. If I open two tabs, one for Bing and one for Google, and type "C# System Namespace" (which is what I need), I will get two different pages. On Google, I clicked the only relevant link, which was the first result. It gave me the page I wanted, but not exactly. It had everything, but it was not organized. I couldn't tell what was classes or structs or enums or whatever, which I really need to know. If I click on the first result from Bing, I get the same kind of page, but with everything organized the way that I need it. I wasn't even going to try and search past page one on Google to find what I was looking for when the first result on Bing was it. That is why I prefer to use Bing and (part of) why I hate using Google.

Robert Schnabel: facetious flippant attitude you lost my vote and purchases

Mad-Cyantist: When he said Bing, I Was Like What...Did i miss something in the past few years?

HairlessHare: google is turning into a vulcan mind meld

Alex Serrano: Hey! I enjoyed your youtube channel. How are you?

The Guy's Computer: Ahmm !

joshua fiddy allen: fyi ask jeeves was the first searchy thing i used to find porn a century ago

Vonn Bitzer: WOW Linus searching butts on the internet.......


Josh Mar: Bing is better. I am not being sarcastic.

Brutal Chif: SAVAGE BING JOKE!!!

Sam Hall: A lot of people disrespect Bing but it's still one of the top three search engines online. If you work online you would Know Google is the most dominant search engine controlling around 65% traffic while Yahoo and Bing control 33%. Yahoo and Bing mostly control blue collar traffic but still ranking on them as well as Google still serves you especially if you're a online business owner. Let's not forget webmaster tools also because the Bing webmaster tool still offers value and it shares it with Yahoo. Know a few tricks to the trade and you can increase your business and presence online with the right knowledge behind you.

Skylarr: What are ads? Are they the thing my red stop signs in the corner of chrome are stopping?

Harrison Lollar Fishing: Who even uses Bing over Google?
Search Engines as Fast As Possible 5 out of 5

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Der Typ: All Bing users of the world disliked this video.
AUGUSTUS CAESER: hes very enthusiastic about what hes saying and some things he says has some truth to it but most of it is either incomplete or incorrect. hes more of an inspirational or motivational speaker than a marketing expert
The Haves and the Have Nots Review: I'm laughing my ass off at the Rankin & Bass faced looking snowmen fighting the megazords HAHA wow...
Jermaine Ortiz: it never took off cause of heat.
thando masiko: This is the most relevant YouTube channel ever and certain will forever be, because hustle, grit, passion, and defying the odds is something that will never go obsolete. #ImpactTheoryForever
sharon terry: nice work out with curl thanks. lots to do.

Search Engines as Fast As Possible