Godzilla: Creating The Animalistic And Masculine Kaiju Monster-Design FX-WIRED

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RV 1998: This movie's cgi was really awesome

CookiesAreGud: Now. Tell us how u did the roar XD

Antoniozilla: 1:29 is that a Minecraft emerald block?

Thomas Thompson: Godzilla

Dren Reinhardt: i hope these guys would do the battle scenes more and less human dramas in godzilla 2....specially when so many monsters is in that movie ..... plus less night battle scenes

MAJIN GHIDORAH: This movie was great wtf do you expect for Godzilla's first fight time, nobody want to see godzilla doing to much in his first realistic movie hell it's still a part 2 coming out

ApplicationBot: at the beginning godzilla was just a cube

KarlTheKiller_Gamer: it should have been a suit

Pamela Block: Godzilla Resurgence (aka Godzilla 2016): Excuse me...? I'm 116 feet tall while 2014 is 108 feet tall. WTF is this crap?

Ninja00078: Godzilla is my favourite movie

Ben Hur: nice cgi .bad movie😠

NixMaster 3000: did you just say the king of zillas
im done with you

Alex: they dont get what godzilla is about

Gilmartin Pares: Godzilla 2014 was a let down untill the fight but Godzilla was fine, they learned their lesson with King Kong

King Wewuz: Christ these comments are freaking cancer

Gamer H: In the next movie make sure you guys focus more on the main characters family drama than the monster. That was my favorite part.

Antoinette Jones: I love this Godzilla design so much

Arthur Workman: Never let Americans do what Japanese created they never get it right. That version of Godzilla sucked because it made Godzilla look like an overweight out of shape behemoth just lumbering about. The first American made Godzilla with Mat Broderick that was an insult and should've never been made. Great story line but not the Godzilla I grew up with as a kid. I wonder how the newest Godzilla will appear when it fights King Kong.

Black Goku: Very...

Malcolm Monster79: I wish they would make godzilla is heal and wet and gigantic monster villain or a heroic hero godzilla would be 460 feet 208 meters tall godzilla's roar is a low stop shreik
Godzilla: Creating the Animalistic and Masculine Kaiju Monster-Design FX-WIRED 5 out of 5

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RV 1998: This movie's cgi was really awesome
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Amanda Robles: so where did u get the mask from.how can i get one an how much was it

Godzilla: Creating the Animalistic and Masculine Kaiju Monster-Design FX-WIRED